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South African fossils rewrite early history of life on land

Africa during the Devonian period was part of a super-continent called Gondwana that also encompassed South America, India, Australia and Antarctica. The Waterloo Farm site was within the Arctic circle.

45-million-year-old primate fossils found in China, could prove origin of human ancestors

Researchers have identified nearly 500 tiny finger and toe bones belonging to primates - some half the size of a mouse - that lived about 45 million years ago in what is now China.


Masol finds catch attention of Hollande and PM Modi

Both Modi and Hollande stayed at the museum for about 20 minutes. They were welcomed by a group of Bhangra dancers.

Fossils reveal scorpion-like predator which ruled the seas 460 million years ago

The sea scorpion that grew to 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters), with a dozen claw arms sprouting from its head and a spike tail, according to a new study.

Humanity's closest ancestor was pigeon-toed: Report

Fossils discovered four years ago in Malapa near Johannesburg show a mixture of primitive features of australopiths.

Bus-sized dinosaurs,fuzzy as chicks

Fossils found in northeastern china show 30-foot-long dinosaur,possibly largest known feathered animal


Retelling the evolution story

A new museum in the city aims to tell this story in a manner that keeps both children and adults interested.

Prehistoric carving may be Americas’ oldest artwork

tests,through different methods,provided microscopic views of the artefact,allowing scientists to compare the age of the engraving with the age of the bone....