Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

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India's call for phase-down of all fossil fuels gets EU support

November 17, 2022 2:03 pm

However, in a bid to neutralise some of the negative attention it attracts on its use of coal, this year India decided to push for the phase-down of all fossil fuels, something that no country can in principle disagree with.

'India a platform for new nuclear technologies... I see a very bright future': IAEA chief Rafael Mariano Grossi

November 14, 2022 9:56 am

In an interview with The Indian Express at COP27, Grossi spoke about the current situation in Ukraine where a large nuclear power plant has been turned into one of the riskiest battlefields, why many countries were still opting for nuclear energy, and how nuclear energy was integral to any clean energy transition.

Mexico Sees Its Energy Future in Fossil Fuels, Not Renewables

August 18, 2022 3:55 pm

The policy is central to López Obrador’s ambition to reverse what he sees as corrupt privatisation of the industry, guarantee Mexican energy sovereignty and return the country to the glory days when oil created thousands of jobs and helped bolster the economy.

Fossil fuel plans would far overshoot climate goals: study

October 20, 2021 7:09 pm

The disparity between climate goals and fossil fuel extraction plans — termed the “production gap” — will widen until at least 2040, the report found.

Nuclear fusion edges toward the mainstream

October 19, 2021 1:46 pm

No one knows when fusion energy will become commercially viable, but driving the private investments is a rising alarm about global warming.

South Korea commits to cutting emissions to 40% of 2018 levels by 2030

October 19, 2021 11:02 am

South Korea aims to put 4.50 million electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles on its roads by 2025, the statement said, while adding more charging stations and infrastructure.

Fossil fuel use could peak in just a few years. Still, major challenges loom.

October 13, 2021 5:11 pm

The International Energy Agency now projects that humanity’s emissions of carbon dioxide will reach a peak by the mid-2020s and then drop slowly in the decades thereafter.

Harvard University to end investment in fossil fuels

September 10, 2021 12:23 pm

The university's indirect investments in the fossil fuel industry "are in runoff mode," he added. The indirect investments, made through private equity funds, make up less than 2% of the endowment, Bacow wrote.

Explained: What a new study says about fossil fuel extraction and global warming

September 10, 2021 7:45 am

The study says that as of now, both planned and operational fossil fuel extraction projects are not conducive to meeting the targets set out by the climate agreement signed in 2015.

A new map for the end of Oil Age: Technology is answer to energy transition

December 07, 2020 9:05 am

How should India, an economy dependent on fossil fuels, navigate future energy transitions? A new book has some pointers