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Forty Years Ago, January 17, 1979: Shah Leaves Iran

The Indian Express' front page on January 17, 1979

Forty Years Ago, January 15, 1979: In PM’s Court

The Indian Express' front page on January 15, 1979


Forty Years Ago, January 14, 1979: Janata Crisis

The Indian Express' Front Page on January 14, 1979

January 10, 1979, Forty Years Ago

The Cabinet has, however, taken into account the possibility of the bill getting defeated in the Rajya Sabha, where the ruling party does not command a majority.


January 2, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Churn In Teheran

The Shah’s arrangement with Bakhtiar has been rejected by the National Front, the major opposition coalition, which insists that the Shah should abdicate. The front has expelled Bakhtiar, formerly its second-ranking leader, for cooperating with the “illegal regime”.

Forty years ago, December 25, 1978: Bombay Bandh

The bandh was organised by the Congress, the Congress (I), Shiv Sena and RPI (Gavai group) to protest the expulsion of Indira Gandhi from the Lok Sabha and her imprisonment.

Forty years ago, December 24, 1978: Farmers rally

Charan Singh's main argument was that the policy being followed in the country today was a continuation of the British policy, which had created two clashing universes in the country — towns and villages — and the post-Independence governance had widened the gap.