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Forty Years Ago, November 20, 1979: CIA Spy Acrimony

Alleging a conspiracy against him, Jagjivan Ram challenged the prime minister to hold an impartial inquiry to find out if he or any other minister in Indira Gandhi’s 1971 cabinet had leaked information to the CIA about military operations in Bangladesh.

Forty Years Ago, November 19, 1979: Who is the CIA Spy?

Raj Narain, working president of the Lok Dal, broadly hinted that Jagjivan Ram might have been the cabinet minster who leaked out secrets to the CIA during the Bangladesh war.


November 13, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Akali Unity

The Janata Party President Chandra Shekhar forecast that the coalition caretaker government would break before the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.

November 12, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Charan vs RSS

The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh chief, Balasaheb Deoras, attacked the critics of dual membership and said this bogey had been raised by some persons with vested interests who wanted to destroy the party.

Forty years ago, November 8, 1979: Janata candidates

The prominent party candidates whose names figure in the list of 123 from seven states and two union territories finalised by the Central Election Committee are two former union ministers.

Forty Years Ago, November 7, 1979: US hostage crisis

A West German radio broadcast from Teheran also said other Americans, employed by private US firms in Iran, were being rounded up by armed Iranians and taken to the US embassy grounds. The US government had ruled out any military intervention.


Forty Years Ago, November 6, 1979: Janata Manifesto

The recommendations of the Rajkrishna committee report to speed up land distribution, which was accepted by the Janata Party government, would be immediately implemented.

Forty Years Ago, October 29, 1979: Influx in Assam

The problem of unabated influx of foreign nationals, mainly Bangladeshis, and the inadvertent inclusion of large number of them in the draft electoral rolls, once again promises to become a major election issue in Assam.

October 20, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Bahuguna Resigns

Charan Singh’s letter demanding the resignation of the finance minister reached his residence at 4.35 pm and Bahuguna wrote his resignation by hand before sending it to the PM within 10 minutes.

October 19, 1979, Forty Years Ago

The circular, issued under instructions from the PM, says that any unauthorised briefing of newsmen would be treated as a serious violation of the service conduct rules and would invite stringent disciplinary action.