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In fact: The gradual evolution of India’s disinvestment policy

It was Yashwant Sinha who first mentioned the sale of assets of Public Sector Undertakings in his interim budget of March 4, 1991.

In name of saving rupee,RBI brings controls back

In a bid to check the drain on foreign exchange reserves,the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has brought back partial capital controls that had been progressively reduced from 2004 onwards


Briefly Business: Forex reserves jump $1.8 bn to $282.95 bn

The foreign exchange reserves rose for the fourth consecutive week.

Briefly Business

India's foreign exchange reserves rose by $1.51 billion to touch $279.240 billion in the week to October 11.

India plans barter trade pact with Singapore

To provide a cushion to forex reserves,India plans to do a barter trade deal with Singapore and other Asian nations.

Drawdown on foreign reserves to fund CAD

Deficit forecast could be narrowed to below $70 billion this fiscal year.


Banks call for $20 billion war chest to defend rupee

Institutions have,however,advised that it is not necessary to raise the money at one go.

Briefly Business:Forex reserves up $205.8 million to $278.81 billion

The reserves had risen $1.43 billion last week.

‘Use forex reserves to curb Rupee volatility’

World Bank chief economist Kaushik Basu on Monday called for a two-pronged strategy including the use of foreign exchange reserves

In name of saving rupee,RBI brings controls back

The measures will come into effect immediately,the RBI said in a notification.