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Despatches from Elsewhere: The Indian doughnut from Dindugul, Tamil Nadu

Gopalpatti, a small town in Dindigul serves paal bun or milk bun, a fried golden wonder, priced at Rs 2, which gives the doughnut a serious run for its money.

From Nagori to Banarsi kachori: An ode to one of India’s most loved snacks

Indians have always had an intense love affair with this traders’ snack, which was invented centuries ago by the Marwaris.


The dark past of the Begun Bhaja

Fried brinjal is as much as part of Bengal as Tagore, but, once upon a time, the vegetable was deeply unpopular, thanks, in part, to Lord Shiva.

The robust charm of Junior Kuppanna’s working class chicken curry

The Chicken Pallipalayam, a huge favourite in Coimbatore, is simple, unpretentious and memorably piquant.

Meet Meena Pinto, Shashi Kapoor’s favourite cook and the feisty woman who set up Mumbai’s Prithvi Cafe

Irish coffee for Rs 5, Amjad Khan and buffalos, and glorious Goan seafood. The woman behind the iconic cafe reminisces about its early days.