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How to make authentic Tamilian-Brahmin Sambhar

Don’t wait for a wedding invitation to eat this sumptuous South Indian sambhar.

10 tasty and nutritious ways to survive this summer

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate — fruits, vegetables, chaas and more to keep us going through this heat wave.


The culinary adventures of Ghiyath Shah, the sultan of Malwa

The ultimate bon vivant, Ghiyath Shah’s 600-year-old Nimatnama, a "book of pleasures", introduced cookbooks to miniature painting.

Try this easy recipe for Gosht ki Dum Biryani

This fragrant, layered mutton biryani gives everyone a reason to look forward to dining.

Make haleem, a classic Ramadan delicacy

This recipe — which uses minced meat, wheat and lentils — was traditionally slow-cooked over a wood fire and was among the first meals eaten during Suhur, before beginning the day’s fast.

Begin your week with this delicious mango milkshake recipe

Mangoes are not a guilty pleasure. Packed with anti-oxidants, mangoes are also know to have cancer-fighting properties.


Indians love meat of all kinds: That's what an RGI survey says

According to a survey conducted by the Registrar General of India, Punjab is a vegetarian state and Telengana has the highest population of non-vegetarians in the country.

Sidharth Malhotra on Delhi’s chaat, healthy vegetarian food, gulab jamun and pickle: The FOODie Interview

Delhi boy Sidharth Malhotra loves Bengal Sweets in South Ex., goes on a veggie diet when he has to lose weight and can’t resist dark chocolate.

Mighty Small Cafe and Bar Food Review: How to survive family visits in a mall in Noida

The menu at Smaaash suits varying tastes and the cosy, cheery yet quiet ambiance is just the thing most parents are looking for.

Try this cooling coconut milk curry for summer

This traditional recipe from Kerala made with ash gourd and brown beans is light and refreshing.

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10 delicious and easy-to-make Iftar recipes for the month of Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan, it is imperative that the single meal that's eaten should be nutritious as well as delicious. Here are 10 recipes that qualify on both counts, and are easy to make too.

The reason behind Shahid Kapoor's high for Udta Punjab, and more foodie secrets

Shahid Kapoor on consuming 10 cups of coffee a day, the challenge of getting a six pack on a vegetarian diet and his favourite cuisine.


8 different types of pastas you didn’t know existed

There’s a world of pasta out there beyond macaroni, penne and spaghetti.

What does your cocktail say about you?

An acclaimed mixologist discloses what the cocktail you order says about your personality.

From Osmania biscuits to biryani at Shadab, capturing Hyderabad’s best eats

Photographer Sanjay Borra captures sumptuous images from the Nizami city's foodscape.

Five popular dishes that are surprisingly not Indian

The kulfi and idli actually made their way to India from other parts of the world.


Have you had these seven iconic Mangalore dishes?

From mudde tovey to chicken ghee roast, Mangalore is a food-lover’s heaven. Colin D’Souza and Nikhil Pai, co-founders of, a Mangalore-based food discovery and events platform, take us on a round-up of the southern city’s mostly fiery treats.

Seafood bhel to Pav Bhaji Pizza: Mumbai restaurants get street food-inspired dishes

Street food inspires new additions to restaurant menus in Mumbai — sea food bhel, pav bhaji pizzas and cones, and more

Rare photos of Calcutta in the 1940s: A foodie's diary

Calcutta’s preeminence as the Mecca of Indian street food has a lot to do with it being the former capital of the Raj, and the cosmopolitanism it foisted upon the city. The visual documentation of those eventful times by Glenn S Hensley, photography technician with the US Army Airforce, in the summer of 1944, bears testimony to that.

Five lesser known mangoes you should try this Summer

We know all about the Alphonso, the Neelam and the Banganapalli, but there are other jewels waiting to be discovered.