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Goodness in a bowl: Why muesli is a power-packed breakfast option

Your breakfast can be easier, faster and more satisfying with muesli, which is known for its ability to keep one fuller for longer.

Fruits that will help control your body temperature in this sweltering summer heat

Many fruits have a cooling effect and eating them will help you dealing with the heat. Here are some fruits you can include in your diet this summer.


Awadhi Lamb Biryani or Scotch Eggs: Which recipe would you like to try?

Once in a while it is good to treat yourself to food that can brighten up your boring routine.

From Modi Magic Paneer Roll to Rahul's Special Gath Bandhan: Enjoy the best of dishes and discounts this election season

Cashing in on the election season, many cafes and restaurants have introduced special election dishes, menus and discounts. You must check them out!

Mouth-watering chaat recipes you can try out this summer

Try these chatpata chaat recipes with your friends and family this summer. We are sure you will be left wanting for more!

Researchers find novel way to make tasty low-salt food

The study, published in the Journal of Food Science, looked at salt blends that use less sodium chloride and include other salts like calcium chloride and potassium chloride.


Navratri 2019: Head to these restaurants in Delhi to indulge in Navratri delicacies

Navratri celebrations began on April 6 and continue till April 14. During this time, several eateries in the Capital are providing delicious offers you must try!

Bad food choices killing more people than tobacco, researchers warn

Are we eating ourselves to death? Researcher Stefan Lorkowski sat down with DW to set a few things straight about the effect the food we put in our pie holes is having on our bodies. And it's not good.

Indulge in these dishes and make your weekend finger-licking good

From crispy lotus stem tossed in honey chilli sauce to grilled fish in banana leaf: You will definitely fall in love with these delicious recipes.

Savour the best of Sichuan, Cantonese and Yunnan cuisine with Shang Palace's new menu

Are you looking forward to treating yourself to some good Chinese food? Then head to Shang Palace, Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel, New Delhi for an authentic experience. With a 47-year-old legacy, you won't be disappointed.

Food Photos

The best food photographs you will see this year

The Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year winners list is out; Mumbai-based Jignesh Jhaveri and Krishanu Chatterjee from Bengaluru made it to the top three in two separate categories.

Navratri special: Eight awesome vrat recipes that will cheer you up

Here are a few simple yet tasty recipes to help you sail through Navratri.


Burger love: World's top 17 places to eat in before you die

Here's a guide to the best places in the world where you can find a top-notch hamburger.

8 innovative ways to pair hummus with your food

Hummus with pita bread is a classic combination but just in case it's a done-to-death combination for you, try out these expert tips on how to pair it with your food.

Romantic treats: 13 places you can go for a perfect Valentine's Day date night in Delhi

This Valentine's Day, enjoy some good food with your partner.

Top 5 fun pizza facts you would like to know

Pizza is loved by foodies worldwide. As October is the National Pizza Month, here are some facts about the cheesy and delicious invention.


Simple and delicious: 15 preparations for Iftar you deserve

After a day of fasting, you deserve a meal fit for a king. Conclude your day with these quick and delectable recipes for Iftar.

Five simple tips to trick your kid into eating healthy

Is your little one really fussy when it comes to eating healthy? Don't worry, just follow these simple tricks by Saumya Shree, Food specialist to make meal time with your child surprisingly easy.

School lunches from around the world

Sweetgreen, a chain of US restaurants, and website Never Seconds, run by Scottish schoolgirl Martha Payne, compared the school lunches from all over the world.

Makar Sankranti special! 10 lip-smacking delicacies

It's the time to light that bonfire and munch on popcorns, gajak, peanut chikki and other lohri goodies. Make sure to stock on these lohri snacks before the celebrations begin.

Food Videos

Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar Meets Up for Sweet-Tooth Conversations

Chef Ranveer Brar takes you through his journey of discovering the Thandai Badam, Kesar Pista Badam and Rose Badam flavors, why these flavors are so relatable to Indians and what emotions/ memories do they evoke.

Kitchen, Khanna & Konversations: When Vicky Kaushal ate grasshoppers

Vicky Kaushal will be a guest on Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna's show Kitchen, Khanna & Konversations. In this exclusive video, the Uri actor reveals his strangest food experience. Kaushal also talks about his meal plan for a day.


We Quizzed Ben Ungermann of MasterChef Australia Fame on Food, Food and Food

Renowned “MasterChef Australia” 2017 Runner up Ben Ungermann, who is in India for the Johnnie Walker Gourmet Experiences gets in a candid chat with

Salted Caramel Popcorn Cupcake by Pooja Dhingra

Celebrity chef, owner of Mumbai's Le 15 Pâtisserie and Macaron Queen of India, Pooja Dhingra talks her passion for baking and shares a recipe for her favourite salted caramel popcorn cupcake.

FoodIE Plates: Millet Risotto with Mushroom and kale

Super foods seems to be as trending a topic as caped crusaders these days, given the health craze sweeping India. And indeed, the world. However these dishes usually comprise exotic ingredients from shores far away, and at most exorbitant rates. In the latest episode of foodIE we look closer home and visit the Hauz Khas […]