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Teach your child conscious eating with these healthy food habits

A child can detect hunger and fullness better when they eat slowly. Before offering a second helping or serving, ask your child to wait at least 15 minutes to see if they are truly still hungry. This will give the brain time to register fullness.

Build your child's health with colours, not whites

Fix a grocery shopping day along with your teens, making sure they read labels well and pick a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Encourage them to pick natural, plant-based foods rather than packaged foods.


Food Wisdom

In Ultimate Grandmother Hacks, nutritionist Kavita Devgan makes a case for the traditional eating wisdom from our grandmother’s kitchens.

Kinder Garden: You are what you eat, go local!

“Tastes are mostly learned; in a single generation we can change the relationship with the food we eat.”

Opt for right food during monsoon

Eating during the monsoon season always becomes a cause of concern as one is prone to falling ill as the air triggers growth of microbes. Experts suggest food items to add in the diet during monsoons to stay free from infections.

This is what Bangaloreans love to eat

The most popular dish is masala dosa, while mutton and vegetable biryanis make it to the top five on the list.


Diet diary: Poor eating habits lead to food insecurity among students

College offers many temptations. Students are usually on their own, free to eat what they want, when they want.

Unsung Heroes

Stressing on the importance of dieticians,the Indian Dietetic Association is organising a national conference in the city.

Over-hygienic lifestyles making kids allergic to food

Previous generations were exposed to more dirt and microorganisms,which kickstarted their immune systems.

Eating habits that ensure a longer life

A new study has found that the leading causes of death are no more infectious diseases but chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer – which may be affected by food habits.