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Horrific food photos: Why you should pick up a book that’s anti-food porn

Cambridge-based Tom Kennedy’s Tumblr account — photos from which will be out in a book — is a graveyard of bad food shots with hilarious side notes.

Get a taste of Ceylon in 3 courses, from Don’t Give A Fork

Lamprais, Watalappan and more from Sri Lanka at this food pop-up in Mumbai this weekend.


Food Blog: How my mother made me try Mangodi Ki Sabzi

One of my distinct memories of food during childhood is rows and rows of mangodi drying in the sun on the terrace. But I never liked them.

Need a sugary boost? Gorge on this yummy Pear Crumble with ice-cream

This is one dessert which calls for a quiet moment with yourself.

Breakfast like a king: Here's how to make Aloo Paratha

High in carbohydrates, it’s not too good for your waistline though.