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Veggie Surprise

Zen Cafe in Kala Ghoda serves delectable vegetarian fare in a quaint little space

Zambar introduces diners to the complex, rich flavours of Marathwada cuisine

As you make your way from the Bharli Wangi (peanut stuffed aubergines) to the Patal Bhaji (spinach and chana dal curry) to the Sabudana Wada and Shrikhand Poori, it’s like being seated on a paat (wooden stool) in Sanglikar’s Aurangabad home and having a meal.


Wine Speak: Indian wines recommended for festive binging

Here are a few delightful wines to cherish this festive season.

Star Crossed

Following celebrated chef Sebasatian Bras’ decision to relinquish his three Michelin stars, Indian Michelin chefs talk about the stress that comes with the stars

Taste of Middle East: How to make Falafel in seven easy steps

We recommend, you try this crispy, tasty and healthy recipe as soon as you get into your kitchen.

Healthy recipe: How to make the perfect Beetroot soup

I have been looking for a beetroot recipe for long. The only way I had used them till now was in salads.


From Nawabi Murgh to Noori Hyderabadi Biryani: Discovering the lost recipes of the royals of India

Here's bringing you the lost recipes from the royal kitchens that were once enjoyed by the royal families of Kashmir, Travancore, Hyderabad and Rajasthan.

Summer special: 5 mocktails you can easily make at home

With summer heat at its peak, these mocktails will definitely cool your spirits. Presenting you 5 quick recipes.

When More was More: This year's flavour was Pan Asian

We look back at the year from behind a napkin and examine why it was possibly the best time for food in the country.

Indian Dhaba in Style- Leaping Caravan

Experience the signature flavour of Indian Dhabas in an urban style at Leaping Caravan.

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8 steps: How to make crispy pakoras

Monsoon is here and one can't help but crave for crispy, tasty pakoras in this rainy season. Check out our step-by-step recipe.

20 steps: How to make aloo paratha the perfect way!

Craving for a plate of aloo paratha, but don't know how to go about it? Check out our step-by-step recipe for the delicious stuffed aloo paratha.


Happy Chocolate Day: Here's how they keep you healthy, happy

Enjoy chocolates without thinking twice as some of the research conducted by different brands suggests that chocolate can be good for you too.

Top ten Christmas cakes, cookies and other goodies

Christmas is round the corner. It's the time to relish the lip-smacking Christmas delicacies.

Travel snacks: Munch on these super-healthy snacks while travelling

You can easily avoid the convenience store staples like chips, soda and candy, which are little more than empty calories while travelling. Here are some interesting travel snacks.