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Both mental and physical fitness essential to climb Everest: Aditya Gupta who scaled Everest at 50

After nine months of rigorous training, Aditya Gupta scaled the Everest in May this year.

We’re aesthetically driven to have six-pack abs, this mindset is unhealthy: Saiyami Kher

Saiyami Kher believes real fitness lies in having a strong core. "I like it when people accept their own bodies and try to better themselves each day," she says.


Fitness trends that were a huge hit in 2018

This year saw the rise of the Pilates and TRX, plogging too gained momentum. With the year coming to an end, we bring you the most popular fitness trends of 2018.

Exercising daily can keep your muscles young

The study, as reported in The New York Times, has stated that old people, who have been involved in physical activities, enjoy better aerobic capacities than their counterparts. 

Midlife fitness may boost your heart health

A new study states that people with high fitness during their middle age are less likely to develop or die from heart diseases later in their lives. The effect of low fitness is real on heart diseases as well as depression.

'Hate Story 4' actress Ihana Dhillon advocates how size should not be confused for fitness

Hate Story 4 actress Ihana Dhillon on the occasion of International Yoga Day emphasizes how for actors size is important but shouldn't be confused with fitness. For her being thin doesn't imply being fit as an individual.


Fitness essentials that will inspire you to get moving

Experts suggest the right essentials for fitness enthusiasts before starting out. Sweat-proof clothes for those who sweat a lot, a fitness tracker and sturdy, breathable shoes are a must according to them.

Father's Day 2018: Indulge in easy-to-do exercises with your father to help him stay fit

This Father's Day, experts urge the people of India to gift their fathers health and mental tranquility. Exercises such as the Suryanamaskar, squats and push-ups improve blood circulation and help relax to enjoy a stress free day.

5 exercises from Narendra Modi's Fitness Challenge video, and their benefits

PM Narendra Modi recently posted a video of himself performing morning exercises in response to Virat Kohli's Fitness Challenge. Here are the advantages of the yoga asannas and breathing exercises.

Millennials going overboard to obtain six-pack: Survey

Instead of discussing the issue or seeking advice from their doctors, men often turn to supplements and extreme workout regimens to change their bodies, the findings showed. Millennials going overboard with supplements.

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5 ways to shape up your belly

If you have some tires on your belly, get rid of them by making a few changes in your diet and lifestyle, says an expert.

9 easy and painless ways to make fitness a habit

A new fitness regimen seems intimidating. But take baby steps towards fitness and ease into the lifestyle.


Alleviate your lower back pain with Pilates

This guide shows you how to alleviate back pain with 3 simple exercises.

Get fit before Christmas: Follow these 9 tips

From taking a walk every 20 minutes to skipping for ten minutes daily are some practices that can be followed to ensure a perfect look for the Christmas season. (Text: IANS)

Get a celebrity's body: Follow these five tips

Fitness trainer Romana Braganza, who worked with celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes and Anne Hathaway, says one should follow five tips to get a perfect body, reports

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Bizarre fitness test for police constables in Uttarakhand

Rudrapur, Jan 27 (ANI): A bizarre fitness drill for cops was conducted by Senior Superintendent of Police in Udham Singh Nagar district. During the drill, overweight constables were summoned to the police lines and the SSP was made to go through some physical tests. The 'overweight' police constable had to carry seniors on their backs for long distances. According to sources, some of the policemen, who are overweight, have been advised to shift to armed police and reduce their weight.