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Fitness tips: Simple things to keep in mind while exercising during summers

Summers run the risk of dehydration due to the loss of important minerals and salts while sweating, especially if you are training outdoor.

5 exercises to burn thigh fat just before the party season

When it comes to reducing thigh fat, you must choose exercises that can help in toning leg muscles while increasing muscle strength. Here are five ways to get it right.


How to lose weight: 6 kinds of easily available foods you MUST eat to shed the kilos

While resorting to quick (but unhealthy) snacking is one of the most common ways to curb your hunger pangs, eating the right kind of foods will ensure you don't gain weight in the process. Here are six kind of foods you can munch on, while not worrying about piling on the kilos.

Bipasha takes on Zumba to stay fit

"It is not only about physical transformation. The workout actually makes you smile", says fitness enthusiast Bipasha Basu.

How to stay fit during monsoons: TV actresses Tejaswi, Roop share tips

Exercising during the monsoon season can be quite challenging. Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar and Roop Durgapal share a few tips.

Preity Zinta tweets fitness tips

She started the discussion with a simple post on the social networking site,about the concept of fitness.