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German environmentalists urge ban on fireworks in major cities

The ban on fireworks would affect cities like Berlin, Munich and Cologne, and would be implemented to protect residents' health.

Did you see that? Best videos making the rounds this week

If you're looking to see the most popular videos of the week,look no further.


Between the flash and the bang, trying to decode why humans are awed by fireworks

Research suggests that the unpredictable, moving sparks are captivating to the human eye, since they is distinct from the reflected light we are used to seeing in routine earthly existence.

Dubai: Huge fire erupts at hotel near Burj Khalifa, 16 injured

Burning debris rained down from the building as firetrucks raced to the scene. It was not immediately clear if anyone was wounded in the blaze.

SC refuses to ban firecrackers, manufacturers question the very logic of pollution and health impacts

The Supreme Court asked the Centre and concerned agencies to launch publicity campaigns in the media on the harmful impact of firecrackers during the festival season.

Do's and Don'ts: Follow these tips for a safe Diwali

Read these guidelines before you step out to celebrate Diwali.


Watch video: These kids might convince you to go green on Diwali

So, please don't be a kid and listen to your kid when he asks you to not buy crackers. Hog on mithai instead.

Ganjam to celebrate a dark Diwali

11-year-old Balia,who lost his father and his home,shares the fate of an entire village

Bosnia put best foot forward

Balkan country book berth for their first major tournament since formation

US salutes with fireworks,parades,parties on Independence Day

Extravagant displays of Independence Day fireworks lit up the skies around the United States.

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Happy New Year 2016: Stunning photos of fireworks around the globe

Stunning explosions of colours filled up the night sky as the world ushered in 2016 with spectacular firework ceremonies.

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Express Eye for Detail Ep 12: Two years of demonetisation, the Diwali mess and Faizabad renamed as Ayodhya

Two years on, The Indian Express learns that RBI did not approve of demonetisation and more about the week’s top stories in Express Eye for Detail episode 12.