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This new in-display fingerprint sensor will work with LCD displays

Till date, LCD panels could not do so as they are naturally not capable of transmitting light. However, a Chinese company by the name of Fortsense has announced that it has developed an in-display fingerprint sensor for LCD panels.

Samsung could debut Galaxy phone with in-display fingerprint sensor in China

A report suggests that Samsung could debut the in-display fingerprint sensor as part of a phone it will soon launch in China.


Indian consumers favour biometric authentications over passwords: Visa

Digital payments major Visa has released a study, that shows that 99 per cent of people surveyed would choose at least one method of biometric verification for payments.

Gemalto launches biometric credit card for contactless in-store payments

Gemalto has introduced a credit card that uses biometric technology, and identifies the card holder through fingerprint recognition.

10 billion smartphone sensors will be shipped by 2020: Counterpoint

Given the requirement of smartphones in the market to support multiple uses, mobile devices have been found with as many as 15 sensors to meet consumer needs.