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Political instability in Karnataka and Goa is more dangerous for BJP than Congress

If the Prime Minister is sincere about creating a new India, then he will have to create a new political culture. It should be one in which defectors are not welcomed into the BJP as if they were heroes.

Fifth column: Between myth and history 

Like most other Indians, Kashmir for me was just a place I saw in Bollywood films and summer holidays. Like most Indians I saw the Kashmiri Muslims as traitors whose loyalties were not to India.


Fifth column: Hindutva against Hindus?

Ironically, it is the Hindutva mothership that has noticed what is happening before most political commentators have.

Fifth column: A war that must be won

In India, jihadi violence has a longer history than almost anywhere else because of the Islamic Republic next door.

Fifth Column: The RSS needs to change a lot more than its knickers

The ‘idea of India’ that leftists and secularists cling to so passionately is one in which the subcontinent has come to resemble a vast slum, in which the majority of Indians live in degraded conditions without clean water or clean air.

Fifth column: An end to socialist elitism?

Modi does not see poverty as romantic or alluring. Having lived in poverty, he knows the indignities it imposes if you are not a tourist.


Fifth Column: Is Bihar India’s future?

So has anything at all changed for the better since I was last here in the reign of Rabri Devi? Yes. Law and order has improved dramatically..

The campaign begins

Neither of the two men who lead the race to become India’s next prime minister raised local issues.

A chamber of princes?

I do this in the hope that it will persuade you that democracy is weakened when parliamentary constituencies become fiefdoms

Let’s talk about Sonia

This dream of prosperity is what Sonia has killed in the decade that she has been India’s de facto prime minister.