Ferguson News

Ferguson: Emergency declared in Missouri as protests return a year after Brown shooting

On the night before the anniversary of the police shooting of an unarmed black man, protests returned to Ferguson in Missouri

Shots fired in Ferguson amid standoff between police, protesters

The sound of several shots sent police crouching behind their patrol cars and demonstrators scurrying for cover.


Minutes of silence, march mark Michael Brown anniversary in Ferguson

The anniversary has also sparked renewed protests, but the focus of the weekend is largely on Brown, who graduated from high school weeks before the shooting.

Racist e-mails sent by city court clerk

Racist e-mails sent by a former court clerk to two police officers do not indicate involvement by other city employees.

Ferguson police charge African American man for shooting officers

20-year-old man charged for shooting 2 officers monitoring protests outside Ferguson Police Department.

Ferguson killings: 2 officers shot amid protests in front of police headquarters following chief's resignation

2 policemen were shot in Ferguson as protesters gathered following the resignation of the city's embattled police chief.


A glance at key police shootings in St. Louis area

Here's a glance at the circumstances in each case.

Ferguson shooting: Officer Darren Wilson who shot Michael Brown, resigns

Darren Wilson said he was acting in self defense when he shot Brown, according to the letter.

Ferguson: Police arrests 15 people in protest-hit St Louis suburb

There have also been sporadic demonstrations around US after the grand jury verdict.

Ferguson: Residents hope for calm night after cleaning up

The case has triggered debates in US over the relationship between black communities and law enforcement.

Ferguson Photos

Top Frames: Best images from the week gone by

Here are the best pictures of the week:

Police hurl tear gas on rioters after teen's killing in Ferguson

The city has endured violence since a police officer on August 9 shot dead Michael Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed black teenager.