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Oil drops as US Federal Reserve signals rate cuts may be limited

The Federal Reserve cut interest rates on Wednesday, but against expectations the head of the US central bank said the move might not be the start of a lengthy series of cuts to shore up the economy against risks including global economic weakness.

Federal Reserve cuts key rate for first time in more than a decade

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled to finish down 333 points, or 1.2%. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note fell to 2.01% from 2.06% late Tuesday, a sharp drop. 


Federal Reserve officials press case for cutting rates aggressively

Markets reacted swiftly to remarks by two of the most senior Fed officials next to Chairman Jerome Powell. They are among the 10 people who will vote on rates at the Fed's next policy meeting on July 30-31.

The risks of another global recession are rising and central banks can't do much

Economists across the globe say central banks can no longer be sole saviours the next time a downturn hits.

US adds solid 224,000 jobs in June, making Federal Reserve rate cut less certain

Last year, Fed officials raised rates four times, in part to stave off the risk of high inflation and in part to try to ensure that they would have room to cut rates if the economy stumbled.

Jerome Powell says Federal Reserve insulated from politics, wrestling with rate cuts

Donald Trump said on Twitter Monday that the Federal Reserve "doesn’t know what it is doing," adding that it "raised rates far to fast" and "blew it" given low inflation and slowing global growth.


Donald Trump says he wants Herman Cain, former Pizza executive, for Fed Board

The decision to consider Cain is the second time in weeks that Trump has floated candidates with deeply-held political views and past ethical issues to fill a seat on the Federal Reserve, signaling an intent to put allies on a traditionally independent body.

White House calls for Federal Reserve to reverse US rate hikes

The remarks were part of a new attack the White House has launched against the independent central bank in their unusual public split. The Fed's Board of Governors did not immediately comment.

US President Donald Trump's Federal Reserve pick owes unpaid taxes

Stephen Moore is a conservative economic analyst and frequent Federal Reserve critic. He is a well-known and often polarizing figure in Washington political circles. He served as Trump's campaign adviser in 2016 and helped Trump craft his tax cut plan.

Federal Reserve sees no 2019 hikes, plans September end to asset drawdown

The Fed’s signal that it will keep interest rates on hold for the full year reflects concerns that economic growth is slowing, lower energy prices are weighing on inflation and risks from abroad are dimming the outlook.