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For Dads who like to grow beards, here's why your child may not like it

Among the kids, from toddlers to teenagers, studied for the research, most thought a clean-shaven face looked "best" while also pointing out that facial hair made men look "older" and "stronger".

My sperm donor dad: Inside the envelope might be the most I would ever know about him

Some experts say there is not enough emphasis on what the child may want to know about the donor. It’s often forgotten, even as some banks begin requiring counseling sessions for parents and donors to prepare them for possible questions.


A dad defends dad jokes: 'We become hooked on cheap laughs'

Say what you will about a joke like, “What do you call someone with no body and just a nose? Nobody knows,” but it doesn’t age. Dad jokes are also the training wheels for cringe comedy. Part of their purpose is to embarrass and create discomfort, a benign troll. The goal often is to get not a laugh but a groan.

How dads-to-be can pass on paternal health and reduce birth risk to offspring

A recent study by the Mayo Clinic suggests that a father's age at the time of conception might pose health risks for a baby. The sperm quality decreases as men age, starting at around age 45.

Know what causes back pain in new dads and how it can be treated

The most common reason for back pain among fathers is the incorrect method of lifting and carrying their children. Children in their early years gain a few pounds every week and the strain may increase if the back is not prepared to sustain the weight.

Father’s Day 2019: It’s great when a child says, ‘Today is your day, and I love you, dad’

Happy Father’s Day: Fathers do much more hands-on caregiving now than ever before — changing diapers, getting up at night, taking children to the doctor, prepping meals, feeding, sharing drop-offs and pick-ups, and helping with homework.


Father’s Day 2019: These children’s books make great gifts for dads and kids

Happy Father's Day: Gift a dad you love with a pick of these children's books, which include delightful picture books that can be read aloud to younger kids for some special bonding.

Father’s Day 2019: ‘One in three dads stays up late to help kids study’

The survey, conducted on over 1,000 students pan-India, found that though close to 50 per cent of fathers are highly interested in their kids' education, only about one-third are able to help them study.

Dads, surprise your daughters this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day makes for a perfect occasion for fathers to bond with their daughters. Surprise your daughters with something that will truly delight them. Ultimately, daddy knows best!

'To train my husband to be a good Dad, I pretended to be helpless'

"There were nights when I pretended to be deeply asleep — so asleep that I couldn’t hear Charlie crying — so Nick would have to be the first one to get up."