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Unlike moms, new dads may not feel an instant bonding with the baby

While new mothers develop intense bonding with their babies, fathers may not be able to feel it immediately. We spoke to a parenting coach to know the reasons behind it and asked for tips to help dads feel connected to the newborn.

Daughters wish their fathers knew these things about them when growing up

"That it doesn't make you look weak to show affection once in a while. My dad hardly ever hugged us or said he loved us."


Even men have hormonal changes on way to fatherhood

Not just mothers, even fathers go through hormonal changes as the date of delivery comes closer, finds a study.

Baap Waali Baat! Every Indian dad must take cue from this song

The song directly targets the mindset of fathers, presenting before them a positive scenario where girls can thrive and develop to their full potential.

Turbhe rape: Accused charged with murder

The father of a 10-year-old girl,who died at a Navi Mumbai hospital Tuesday,claimed that the four minors accused of raping her had also attempted to kill her.

Girl beheads father after he rapes her

A teenage girl beheaded her father with a bush knife after he raped her at their home in Papua New Guinea,a report said


Mice follow dads' example

Male mice with neglectful fathers grow up to be less nurturing to their own babies.

California boy charged with killing neo-Nazi dad claims child abuse

Prosecutors and lawyers agree that the boy,who is now 12,killed his father by shooting him.

Man arrested for raping mentally challenged daughter

A 45-year-old man,who had allegedly raped his mentally challenged daughter several times,was arrested after DNA tests revealed that he had fathered his daughter’s baby.

Children find mothers better drivers

Women are better behind the wheel as compared to men,according to a survey of kids.

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Father's day: Famous quotes dedicated to fathers around the world

This Father's Day, we bring you six famous quotes on our friends, philosophers and guides - fathers.

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Tushar had passion to serve the nation: slain Captain's father

Udhampur (J&K), Feb 22 (ANI): After paying tribute to his son on Monday, father of Captain Tushar Mahajan, who died in the ongoing Pampore encounter, said the braveheart had immense passion to serve the nation. He added that the late captain fulfilled his aspirations by his own self. 26-year-old 9 Paramilitary Army Captain Tushar Mahajan, who hailed from Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir, was leading his team in the ongoing operation in Pampore when he was martyred.