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Tamil Nadu farmer ends life in front of bank over repayment of loan

The farmer approached the bank on Thursday but the authorities told him that the documents can be returned only if the entire loan amount was repaid, police said.

Maharashtra Agri Minister's plea to farmers: 'Don't think of committing suicide'

Bonde's assurance comes a day after the state government informed the Legislative Assembly that Maharashtra has recorded 12,021 farmer suicides during the last four years, with Marathwada and Vidarbha being the worst hit regions.


Over 12,000 Maharashtra farmers committed suicide in 3 years: Govt

Between January and March 2019, 610 farmers have committed suicide out of which 192 cases were eligible for financial assistance, the minister said.

Women of Punjab

Our rural sisters are not aware of their own needs. They are stuck in a groove with little or no escape. Their health is often neglected, the daily chores are endless, insecurities abound and higher education is a distant dream.

PM Modi ignored Maharashtra farmer-drought issues; rally a flop: Congress

"He (Modi) again gave the slogan of Hindutva. He did not touch upon issues which matter. He spoke as if opposition parties are in power," Maharashtra Congress general secretary Sachin Sawant said.

Swaraj is the kisan’s birthright and he should have it

Agrarian crisis is an opportunity, for the government that assumes office after elections, to enact a law giving farmers the right to sell any quantity of their produce to anybody, anywhere and at any time.


From plate to plough: No achhe din for the farmer

When it comes to agriculture growth, the NDA government compares poorly with its immediate predecessor. The next government must initiate structural reforms, set realistic targets

Defaulting Punjab farmers face jail as banks file criminal cases

All the farmers who faced criminal action for defaulting on loans say they were made to sign on blank cheques.

In Kerala district hit by floods, five farmer suicides since January

During the floods in August, Idukki district saw many landslides. While 59 people were killed, about 11,530 hectares of agricultural land was destroyed.

Farmer immolates self in Rajkot, family blame it on 'crop failure'

Family members and neighbours woke up in the middle of the night after hearing his cries and broke open the door of his room. He was rushed to civil hospital where he succumbed while undergoing treatment.