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Maharashtra: Court orders recovery of compensation given to ‘rape’ victim after she turns hostile

According to the FIR, in September 2014, the accused took her to his uncle’s house and had sexual intercourse after promising to marry her. The victim had said the accused had initially proposed marriage but as his parents were not ready, he backed off and, hence, she lodged the complaint.

Delhi Court refuses to book woman for filing false rape case

"There is nothing on record to suggest that the woman has deposed falsely in the court and in absence of any material on record to suggest that she falsely depose before court, proceedings cannot be initiated against her under CrPC," the court said.


Court orders framing of perjury charges against woman for false rape case

The woman in her deposition before the court failed to identify the man.

Perjury case against model who alleged false rape

The special court acquitted the accused based on the scrutiny of overall testimony of the complainant.

Court orders FIR against those who filed false rape case, man gets bail after 3 weeks in jail

The judge asked police to lodge an FIR under Section 211 IPC, which criminalises any person filing false charges.

Take action against girl for filing false rape case: HC to cops

A court asked the Delhi Police to take action against a woman who falsely accused a policeman of raping her because she was upset with him.