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Rupee crashes to over 8-month low of 71.81 against US dollar

At the interbank foreign exchange, the Indian currency opened weaker at 71.65 a dollar and went on to touch the day's lowest level at 71.97. It finally settled at 71.81, down 26 paise against the American currency.

Pakistan's rupee keeps sliding after IMF loan accord reached

The rupee, which lost 3.6 percent on Thursday to close at 146.2 against the U.S. dollar in the interbank market, dropped further on Friday, dealers said, selling at 149.50 in the interbank market and 150 in the open market.


Call the bond bluff

Government and RBI should pay little attention to the demand of bond vigilantes to hike rates

Not just Rupee, global currencies weakening against Dollar: Arun Jaitley

Stating that there are some more steps on the anvil to narrow the CAD and bolster forex inflows, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the government has already adopted some steps and some more measures are likely to be taken.

Reasons for fall in Rupee not domestic but global, no need to panic: Arun Jaitley

"The Rupee has either consistently strengthened or remained in a rage, not weakened. Most of the other currencies of the world,compared to what it was 4-5 yrs ago, Rupee is better off," he said.

Market turmoil: Sensex plunges 306 points; rupee nears 18-month low

Yield on 10-year government bond maturing in 2028 shoots up to 7.85 per cent.


Rupee loses 5 paise against dollar to 64.12

The two-day monetary policy meeting concludes on Wednesday. Fresh demand of the US currency from importers, traders said, weighed, but domestic equities soaring to new high sand the dollar's weakness against other currencies overseas arrested the rupee's fall.

RBI hikes rates to rescue falling rupee

CURRENCY: Marginal standing facility jumps to 10.25 % from 8.25 %; money market tightened

Chidambaram holds closed-door meeting with top bankers to shore up fund inflows

The Finance Minister is also slated to meet foreign institutional investors.

Congress trying to confuse voters by calling BJP communal: Nitin Gadkari

When it cannot convince the voters,Congress tries to confuse them,says Gadkari.

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Bharat bandh: Protest turns violent in some states, politicians blame each other

Led by the Congress party, a united Opposition called for a Bharat Bandh on Monday over rising fuel prices and falling value of the rupee. The protest turned violent in some states, causing damage to public property. While Congress President Rahul Ga