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DoT to operators: Explore blocking options for apps

The government has stepped up its efforts to control the content being circulated on various social platforms that has created law and order issues in the past, particularly those arising out of spread of fake news through apps such as WhatsApp.

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Facebook pushes online ads, then spends its cash on billboards

Apple Inc, Google and Amazon.com Inc ranked among the top six spenders on out-of-home advertising last year, and Netflix Inc made it into the top 15.

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Facebook starts testing dating feature, won’t be standalone app

Facebook might be planning to integrate dating asa feature within its main service, rather than creating a separate ‘Dating’ app.

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We have taken away the financial incentive for false news: Facebook’s news head

Campbell Brown says Facebook’s newly-launched Watch is becoming a destination for news, something which the social network has never had

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Facebook begins testing its dating project internally

Facebook has asked employees to use fake data for their dating profiles and plans to delete all data before the public launch, said the report.

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Facebook blocked 499 fake news URLs till June, Twitter 88: Prasad

Till June this year, the number of URLs blocked by Facebook was 499, YouTube 57, Twitter 88, Instagram 25 and Tumblr 28.

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Facebook fakers get better at covering tracks, security experts say

Experts who track online disinformation campaigns said the groups who launch such efforts have changed how they post content and create posts.

Cambridge Analytica row: CBI examining govt reference to probe data breach

The move comes after Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad recently informed Parliament that the government had referred the scandal to the CBI.

DU journalism students flag infrastructure issues with V-C

Explained Snippets | Enrolment in higher education: gender gap closes year by year

The survey defines “higher education” as education obtained after 12 years of schooling and of at least nine months’ duration, or obtained after 10 years of schooling and of at least 3 years’ duration.

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Top Facebook, Twitter executives to testify in September on US election meddling

Senator Richard Burr, who chairs the Intelligence Committee has confirmed he had invited Facebook, Twitter and Google parent Alphabet to testify in early September.

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Facebook partners Asian College of Journalism for high-integrity news in India

By partnering with ACJ, Facebook that has 270 million users in India will be able to help train journalism students on fact-based and high integrity journalism in the digital age, the social media giant said in a statement

Facebook, Instagram to have new set of tools to let users monitor time spent

The new tools allow users to set a reminder, whereby an alert is fired when they reach the time limit set for themselves to spend on the apps.

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Facebook finds ongoing evidence of election interference

Facebook said it notified the US government and deleted dozens of accounts and pages from people using false identities, who were coordinating events and stirring up political unrest.

Facebook says it has identified campaign to meddle in 2018 US Congress elections

Two US intelligence officials said there was not sufficient evidence to conclude that Russia was behind the Facebook campaign, but one noted that ‘the similarities, aims and methodology relative to the 2016 Russian campaign are quite striking’.

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Government may tweak IT rules to tackle new challenges on social media

Social media platforms, while having standards for what one can or can’t post on their sites, have attempted to draw a balance between abusive posts and freedom of speech.