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Facebook has no negative effects on academic grades

According to the study,the doubts about the use of social networking sites with respect to students are reminiscent of those cast on earlier new media,like TV and motion pictures,and their effect on children.

Facebook: ‘Taliban,please leave Pakistan alone.’

Several groups on popular social networking website Facebook against the Taliban,who are forcing their “brand of Islam” on Pakistanis.

Facebook emerges breeding ground for racists,extremists

Facebook has become a breeding ground for racists and far-right extremists,according to immigrant leaders and anti-racism campaigners.

ECB to tap fans at Twitter,Facebook

England and Wales Cricket Board has launched official Twitter,Facebook and YouTube channels in an effort to promote the game beyond its normal fanbase.

UN to use ‘Facebook’ to raise funds for refugees

The UN refugee agency will use the popular social networking site ‘Facebook’ to raise funds for displaced persons in Afghanistan,Chad,Congo and Sudan.

Facebook begins rolling out revamped home page

Top online social-networking service Facebook has began rolling out a revamped home page that emphasises on fresh news.

Log on to Activism

Hassan Shah,a 25-year-old Pakistani British businessman,was angry at Israel’s strikes on Gaza. As he Googled about the conflict…..

Cyber criminals target Facebookers

Facebook has been hit by hackers looking to paw upon users’ valuable information. The site has faced five different security threats in the past seven days.

Facebook,MySpace could increase risk of cancer

Are you a frequent visitor to social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace? Then there is some bad news for you.

New York unveils condom page on Facebook

How about sending an e-condom as Valentine day gift? At least the New York City considers it to be a cool idea.

Coffee,chocolate,Facebook ‘most common’ Brit addictions

It’s not sex,drugs or fags,but coffee,chocolate and Facebook that are the most common addictions in Britain,according to a new study into modern lifestyles.

‘Facebook divorce’: Man dumps wife with online posting

In what appears to be the world’s first divorce by Facebook,a husband has dumped his wife with an online message posted on the social networking portal.