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Stage of Debates

Students from several schools and colleges participated in the Inter Institutional Debate Competition held recently by the Rotary Club of Pune,Cantonment,at Landmark bookstore.

Raghu’s New Fraaandship

Live shows were what Raghupathy Dixit aka Raghu Dixit thrived on,with the audience dancing and singing along hysterically.

And,finally a Facebook app

Facebook announced its app for the iPad which is easy to use and very spontaneous.

The Celebrity Circus

A growing celebrity obsession now invades our lives like never before,turning virtual unknowns into media stars. A look at the giant celebrity machine and how it feeds on itself,and us.

The Malini I Knew

IIM student Malini Murmu apparently committed suicide after her personal life became a nasty Facebook post. The story of the girl from Jamshedpur,who loved music and dreamt big,and who inexplicably gave it all up.

Game on the Wall

Social gaming keeps players hooked with smart programming,savy marketing and by making winners of us all.

Where Every Colour is Black

The internet might seem an infinite and equal world,but as its origins prove it’s not really that free.

Dare to Say ‘I Don’t Know’?

I don’t know” – why does it seem so rare and radical for someone to utter these three little words?

Tarnishing image: Digvijay seeks action against Facebook,Twitter

Singh seeks police action against websites for causing ‘damage to his goodwill and reputation’.

Profound change for Facebook set to ‘lock in’ users

Observers say this move will profoundly alter how its 800 million users interact with the site.

Wary of Anna,guns on Maya,Akhilesh seeks to connect with rath and new media

In this season of yatras,Akhilesh Yadav has hopped on to the bandwagon.

Buy the Way

Whoever thought the youngsters in Chandigarh are not funky enough,here’s an eye-opener.

Facebook can help teens ‘find themselves’

Despite dangers that lurk on Internet,time that teens spend online can be crucial for them.

To fight lawlessness,UT youth log on to Facebook

Perturbed over the increasing incidents of brawls in the city,a group of youngsters have started a Facebook page ‘Chandigarh Against Rowdyism’.

Google turns a teenager

Google turned 13 today,marking the search engine giant’s entry into the teens.