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Monday, June 25, 2018


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Google’s Neighbourly aims to take on Facebook’s India dominance

Google’s newest hyper-social networking app, Neighbourly, seems to be catching on as a unique proposition that promotes communication within localities.

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Facebook is testing paid subscriptions for video content on groups

Facebook is testing paid subscriptions for some group pages, where video or other content could be accessed for a monthly fee.

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Facebook’s fight with fake news gets helping hand from robots

Facebook said its software was able to use the analysis of that article to discover and demote more than 20 web domains and 1,400 links promoting the same false information.

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Instagram adds TV feature after reaching 1 billion users

Unlike on Instagram, the videos in IGTV won’t be limited to just one minute, they can be up to an hour long.

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Web giants gird for legal headaches under new EU copyright rules

Under the new rules, Facebook and Google could be required to prevent certain works from showing up on their websites in the first place, should rights holders demand it.

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Google, Facebook, others speak out against child separation

The flurry of corporate statements might soothe CEO consciences and rally their employees and customers, but they’re unlikely to lead to policy changes.

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Love Facebook Messenger? Now, get used to autoplaying ads

Messenger service with ads will be an important part of Facebook’s long-term revenue growth. The rollout starts next week

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Facebook Messenger app crashing on iOS, company rolls out fix; here’s what you need to do

Facebook Messenger app on iOS has been reportedly crashing for users globally after installing update version 170.0 released by the company last week.

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If you’re a Facebook user, you’re also a research subject

When Facebook does provide data to researchers, it retains the right to veto or edit the paper before publication.

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Facebook launches blood donations centre for 217 mn Indian users

Facebook is also running a campaign through the month of June to encourage people to donate blood and educate people about the process of donating blood.

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Facebook, Google targeted among 19 pan-EU privacy complaints

Privacy regulators across Europe now enjoy the same powers to mete out fines of as much as 4 per cent of worldwide annual sales for serious violations.

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Facebook may unveil eye-tracking technology in future

Facebook already has two eye-tracking patents titled “Dynamic eye tracking calibration” and “Techniques for emotion detection and content delivery”.

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Apple App Store privacy crackdown may hurt Facebook’s Onavo Protect app

Onavo Protect is an app which when installed on a smartphone, uses a virtual private network to scan incoming and outgoing internet connectivity

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Facebook launches user review, potential bans for advertisers

Facebook users will now be able to review business that advertise on the social media platform, which could enable them to ban agencies that receive negative feedback.

Ahmedabad: Addicted to social media? New city hospital offers therapy

Don’t trust the tech giants? You likely rely on them anyway

Even though technology companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon face scrutiny over handling of user data, and coding flaws, users around the world trust their services due to their indispensable nature.