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Govt to acquire 110 fighter jets worth $15 billion, seeks 85% production under 'Make in India'

The aircraft must be built largely in India as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's drive to build a domestic industrial base. The air force said in a notice that "85 percent will have to be made in India by a Strategic Partner/Indian Production Agency".

Chapter of receiving F-16 fighter jets from US closed: Pakistan

"The chapter of receiving F-16 fighter jets from the US has been closed. Pakistan will now opt for Jordan-owned F-16 fighter jets," he said.


Amid strained ties with Pak, US says F-16 deal no longer a viable offer

David Ranz, however, acknowledged that the United States had concerns about Pakistan’s nuclear programme and about terrorist groups like the Haqqani network and Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Pakistan fails to secure F-16 fighter jets deal after financing row with US: Report

Pakistan, which expected to get the fighters at the subsidised rate of $270 million, was subsequently asked by the US administration to make the full payment for the eight aircraft from its national resources.

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As Islamabad’s jet hopes crash, the generals must heed evidence of mounting global frustration over Pak behaviour.

Still negotiating F-16 deal with US: Pak official

The purchase hit snags after US Congress withheld 60 per cent of the aid earmarked for subsidising the deal opposed by some American lawmakers and India.


US not to use tax payer's money for F-16 to Pakistan, says report

Quoting an unnamed official in administration, a BBC report said that the because of the hold on it by Senators in the Senate, the US Government will not be using any of the tax payers money to sell F-18 to Pakistan.

Pakistan may use F-16 fighter jets against India, say US lawmakers

The US Senate has currently put a hold on the decision of the Obama Administration to give eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan at an estimated cost of USD700 million.

India conveys disappoinment over US sale of F-16s to Pakistan

The government plans to reduce contracts with foreign defence equipment vendors to 30 per cent of the total procurement over the next two years, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Friday.

US Senator Rand Paul asks colleagues to oppose F-16 deal with Pakistan

In the letter, Paul urged Senators to join him in blocking the sale of F-16s to Pakistan in an over USD 600 million deal. "I request that you support the resolution of disapproval when it comes up for consideration."