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Having trouble with dark circles and eye bags? Here are some essential tips to get rid of them

Diet plays a vital role. It is important to add vitamin B6 and B12, calcium and folic acid to your diet.

International Day of Yoga 2019: Fight eye fatigue with these asanas

To help relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue which include burning, itching and tiredness, try some yoga asanas.


Blue light detox: Things you need to know to reduce digital eye strain

Blue light steps up alertness, props up mood and increases feelings of well-being during the day. But once the sun sets, it doesn't occur in nature for a good reason.

Our eyes have natural night vision mode: Study

In a study with mouse retinas conducted under a microscope equipped with night vision eyepieces in a very dark room, researchers found that the retinal cells sensitive to upward movement change their behaviour in low light

Statins may help prevent scar tissue in eyes

According to researchers, statins were not associated with a reduced risk of renewed surgery in the other vitreoretinal disease groups involving retinal surgery, such as age-related macular pucker formation.

A new study reveals how our eyes quickly spot danger

The findings were published in the journal Current Biology.


This artist draws with his eyes, not hands

This artist draws, but not with his hands. In fact he doesn't use any body part for that matter.

Ten ways: How to keep your eyes healthy

Most of the computer users suffer from the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and an expert says that it is important to take breaks and blink regularly.

Eyes may predict stroke risk

High blood pressure is the single most important risk factor for stroke.

Blood vessels in eye may determine IQ

Eyes may be window to brain health!