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How migrant labourers are changing the way of life in Sanand

How migrant labourers are changing the way of life in this small town near Ahmedabad.

Villagers in Shani Shingnapur, a village with no doors now want change

Some villagers in Maharashtra’s Shani Shingnapur, known as the village with no doors, are now pushing for change.

Kusvad at Mãe’s

A Goan Christmas is incomplete without the bebincas and the kulkuls and the family feast laid out under the matriarch’s careful supervision.

Duck Tales 1: About the ‘dabbler’ ducks who visit India every year at this time

In a two-part series, a ready reckoner of the ‘dabbler’ ducks who come calling every year around this time.

Dibakar Banerjee on How to find a movie

In cinema, a character is often confused with a role.

Black river, buried treasure: How river Yamuna provides livelihood to people

To those who brave the dark waters of the Yamuna, the river rewards them with a livelihood.

Home and Away: Celebrating Diwali with Angoor and noodles

I was missing the sounds that envelop the home when it’s a festival. Nobody was haranguing me to “get dressed properly and not look like a jhalli billi”.

Sweet Nothings: Searching for a Diwali staple in Delhi’s Gali Batashe Wali

As children, Diwali meant a world of rituals. In our home, it began with extinguishing all the lights as soon as evening fell. In the darkness, a single diya was lit in the puja room, following which the whole house was lit up to draw in Goddess Lakshmi. As with every ritual, there were rewards. […]

People for Animals

From worship to vicious cruelty, the relationship between man and beast is a curious one.

Just Like a Woman

An IIT graduate who loves to code. A man who always knew he was a woman. This is the story of how and why he decided to shed his male body

A Terminal State of Affairs

With the highest incidence of cancer in India, Aizawl is held hostage by a silent killer
that is crippling not only the city, but the entire state

A World Upside Down

They may seem like lurking vampires, but bats are good for us.

Will You be Paid to Post a Picture?

The wave of free information production on the web is on the wane

Worth a Shot

A look at history and priceless memories through old and restored family photographs.

Meme generators

Young Indians have embraced the meme culture with a vengeance and a pinch of salt