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Despite decades of death and despair, Kolar's golden dreams refuse to die

It was a town that sat on gold, but lost its lustre. A blockbuster Kannada film brings it new fame, but KGF has many more stories to tell.

The quick brown dog that's the first Indian breed to join the police

A rescued pup becomes the first Indian breed to be a part of an elite cop squad.


Travelling Suitcase: To the Irish Taj Mahal

The Carrick-on-Shannon chapel was a husband’s gift to his wife.

Forwarded as Received: The Final Countdown

This chunaav season, the real agni pariksha is not just for the incumbent party, but also for the janta janardan — the voters.

Down in Jungleland: Fascinating Fungi

A foray into the kingdom of recyclers and decomposers.

The vastly misunderstood condition of gluttony

Gluttony isn’t a sin. Surplus eating and leftovers can, in fact, stimulate production.


Why this tailor-activist from Kerala is in the BBC's 100 inspiring women list

A tailor-activist holds out hope for unorganised women workers in Kozhikode.

Why should fear be normalised and subservience seen as a virtue?: Shahidul Alam

Bangladeshi photographer and activist Shahidul Alam on his incarceration, returning to direct Chobi Mela, one of south Asia’s premier photo exhibitions, and the road ahead.

The 1986 case that was the start of Maharashtra's farmer suicide 'epidemic'

Over three decades after she chanced upon Maharashtra’s first farmer suicide, a labour activist finds little has changed.

Teller of Tales

The shadows and mysteries of the human mind shape the narratives in Abul Hisham’s paintings.