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Interest in how painters have used the camera is recent: Veteran artist Jyoti Bhatt

He talks on documenting Indian folk culture, his pioneering work in photography and printmaking, and art education today.

Hatch them off guard

Furore in a crow’s nest as cuckoo babies come out of the closet.


The shape of love

The past few weeks have been exceptionally hard on me. I had to change my depression medicines and not only has the adjustment period been long, it has been excruciating.

The year's best Indian films go beyond Hindi cinema

In recent times, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Assamese cinema have surpassed Hindi films in storytelling and craft.

A gruffalo for Mamma

Why I love reading children’s books.


The spongy goodness of rosogolla

On childhood memories of the much-loved Bengali sweet.

The Legacy of Toni Morrison

The Nobel laureate, who died last week, dug deep into the issues of race, gender, freedom and power through her writings.

Remembering Vikram Sarabhai in his birth centenary year

The architect of India's space programme founded 38 institutions, many of which continue to be a critical part of the country's missions.

Digital Native: How free is the internet?

It is contradictory and confusing as it amplifies as well as destabilises the order of things.