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Discovering serendipity in the rhythms of Dublin

The Irish capital, Dublin, is one of those rare global metropolises that boast of a strong personality and a free-thinking spirit.

The Geography of Sorrow and Bliss

Travel with two poets across vast landscapes of love, loss and jaw-dropping beauty.

For an Indian traveller, Yangon is filled with thrilling and bitter histories

Yangon’s sense of familiarity and flavours will make an Indian feel at home, and, yet, estranged.

Catching glimpses of the past in space-age Shanghai

A city driven by its appetite for money, modernity and mega dinners.


Exploring the stories, legends, and myths of Lahore

For a Dilliwali, Lahore seems to be a splitting image of home.

The joy of exploring pedestrian-unfriendly Amman on foot

Amman’s older neighbourhoods belong to a time when cities were designed for people, not cars.

Looking for the old world charm of Casablanca

All you need is a frosty lager, a love of things rough and weary and you are set for the 1920s.

Travel back in time and let your hair down in style in Zurich

In the narrow streets of the uber modern Zurich’s Old Town breathes a fascinating 2,000-year-old history.

San Francisco, the city of limitless possibilities

San Francisco is the place where tides from different worlds collide in unexpected ways, opening up unimagined possibilities.

Why Colombo is probably the best metropolitan city of South Asia

Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, is witty and wondrous — a happy mix of the colonial and the modern.