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Birth of a Nation

He was 18 and the time for independence was nigh. A 90-year-old looks back at those heady days.

Smells like Teen Spirit

Eighteen is when the big transition happens, when the past and the future brim with exciting possibilities. And through it all, there was music, rich and diverse, to make life meaningful.


Digital native: The age of consent

Just like porn is not real life, all news is not real news. It’s time, therefore, to come of age in the 18th year of this century.

Deleting the Picture

We’re wearing the dumb happy of holiday and wearing it well!

Ratna Pathak Shah, Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar and more: A letter to their 18-year-old selves from the present

What does it mean to come of age? What is an average 18-year-old Indian like? Let's explore the age of promise.

Pictures from the Past

Artists remember their perception of art and how their world views shaped it when they were 18.


A Taste of Home

What they cooked, or, didn’t, at 18.

Down in Jungleland: Born Free

Why are some animals more playful and young at heart than others?

Eighteen Till I Die

The old dreams still linger on. Is there any such thing as growing up?

Best of Eye 2017: Stories that made an impact

Dear readers, EYE is not just sheets of printed stories, it’s a journey that each of you take with us, our authors and their muses week after week. We bring to you some of our best stories from 2017, just in case you missed them, or would like to revisit them.

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Broken Chariots: Peugeot drives away with Ambassador, leaving behind a ghost township

It was at Uttarpura, a municipal town on the banks of Hooghly river, that the Ambassador was first launched by Hindustan Motors in 1957 and remained in production till 2014.