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The story of a DU student who allegedly was killed by her parents

Bhawna Yadav had dreamed of a new life with the man she loved. But she never imagined it would go so wrong.

Digital things help us transmit emotions like never before

Have you ever wondered, why, despite all that we know about surveillance and data mining, we continue to use all our social media?


Duck Tales II: About divers, the half-migrants and the resident duck

The diving ducks are relatively heavy-boned and seek their meals at the bottom of ponds and water bodies.

Leila Seth’s new book talks of the need for speedy justice

Justice Leila Seth’s new collection of essays gently reminds that urgency was not a stranger to the UPA.

Duck Tales 1: About the ‘dabbler’ ducks who visit India every year at this time

In a two-part series, a ready reckoner of the ‘dabbler’ ducks who come calling every year around this time.

Picture this: What is the big deal about kissing in public?

As the famous song in Casablanca goes, a kiss is just a kiss, so what is the big deal about kissing in public?


Children's Day: A letter from artist Reena Kallat to her Ahaan

A letter from an artist to her son Dear darling Ahaan, You’re turning nine in a few days. When I asked daddy if you would be too embarrassed to receive this note from me, he told me to go ahead and write what I feel. You perhaps know that you have brought us more happiness […]

Children's Day: A letter from a writer to her readers

I have a confession to make. As a child, I was not a reader. Picking up a book for “fun” was like hitting the pause button on life.

Children's Day: A letter from a single mother to her daughter

Life is moving so fast. It was just a little over a decade ago. I was sad and alone, and I prayed for a blessing and found you in my arms!

Children's Day: A letter from a cricketer to his children

I’ve chosen to be a little formal as I want to talk about life and its challenges on this Children’s Day.