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#ExpressRewind: Here are some of the bizarre food trends of 2018

Unicorn foods were a huge hit in 2018 and so were glitter lattes. But the weirdest food trend has to be the broccoli coffee or the algae smoothie!

Indianexpress.com in 2018: The journey to 1,250,000,000 sessions

Our story is never about the numbers, it is always about the stories. And 2018 gave us enough stories to cheer, cry and think.


TikTok, Podcasts and YouTube: How the newcomer, the perpetual wannabe and the incumbent fared in 2018

Though YouTube remains the most popular network for content creation and consumption, podcasts and other video creating applications have also blossomed. Let's take a look at the biggest trends and the most popular digital spaces of 2018.

Flashback 2018: Rahul-Modi hug, SC judges' press conference, Kerala floods

Yearender 2018: From SC judgments on Sabarimala, Section 377 to Vajpayee's demise to Kerala floods to #MeToo campaign and to political ups and downs, here are the top news of 2018

Trump-Kim meet, Brexit, Jamal Khashoggi - 18 world events of 2018

Yearender 2018: MeToo movement, US politics, Trump-Russia probe and natural calamities continued to dominate 2018. The world saw with bated breath as a dozen young soccer players were miraculously rescued from a Thai cave. A look at the 18 events that created maximum buzz this year.

From water fasting to CICO: Diet trends that were a huge hit in 2018

Here is a round-up of some of the trendiest diet trends of 2018. While some are a great way to stay fit, the others, not so much.