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How to make authentic Tamilian-Brahmin Sambhar

Don’t wait for a wedding invitation to eat this sumptuous South Indian sambhar.

Biryani Crispy Fried or Mutton Qorma: What would you like to try this weekend?

Indulge in these delicious dishes and have a lovely time with your family and friends!


Beat the heat with some refreshing Beetroot Float

People either like beetroot or dislike it. But despite its taste, the plethora of health benefits that this red beauty offers, makes it one of the coolest superfoods of today's time.

Ragi cookies: For growing kids and everyone in the family

There are numerous health benefits of ragi. It is a source of Vitamin D, helps in reducing food cravings, helps reduce insomnia and aids in weight loss.

Express recipes: How to make healthy peanut and jaggery laddus

Small and packed with nutrition, these jaggery and peanut laddus are the perfect pick-me-ups. Made with just five ingredients, they are easy to make and have a delicious nutty, earthy taste.

Express recipes: This Ghuti Gobhi (Scrambled Cauliflower) recipe makes for a delicious side dish

This recipe truly celebrates cauliflower. You can call it gobhi bhurji or scrambled cauliflower but unlike usual bhurji recipes, this one doesn't have any potatoes, onions or garlic.


Bharwan Achari Baingan: This spicy stuffed brinjal will make your mouth water

Brinjal is a very versatile kitchen ingredient. A specialty from Rajasthan, all the spices used in the bharwan achaari baingan recipe are the ones that are used to make traditional pickles.

Express recipes: How to make Bread Pakoda

While on the streets, bread pakodas are made with a potato only stuffing, you can make this with mixed vegetable stuffing with peas and carrots and sweet potatoes when they are in season.

Express Recipes: Paneer and Aloo Kofta Curry

No Indian dinner party is complete without a paneer main dish. I often make this kofta curry for festive gatherings. It is super simple to make, delicious, and looks like a lot of effort has been put into it!

Express Recipes: Give your rice a healthy twist with the fibre-rich Quinoa vegetable pulao

Quinoa is a whole-grain and is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre. Did you know for just about the same amount of calories, quinoa has four times as much fibre than white rice?

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Easy Summer recipes to beat the heat

Fortunately for us, with the merciless heat, summer also brings along seasonal fruits with cooling properties. Here are 10 recipes to see you through this summer season.

Raksha Bandhan special: 15 desserts and snacks recipes for your loved ones

We Indians love our food and hardly give up on a chance to indulge and if it's something as special as Raksha Bandhan the mithais and the samosas flow. Here are a few recipes to help you through.


10 delicious and easy-to-make Iftar recipes for the month of Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan, it is imperative that the single meal that's eaten should be nutritious as well as delicious. Here are 10 recipes that qualify on both counts, and are easy to make too.

Monsoon snacks to munch on while sipping a hot cup of tea

Here are some snacks to relish this monsoon season.

Yummilicious! Gudi Padwa delicacies you must try

Gudi Padwa also known as Ugadhi in Telugu, is a Maharashtrian festival, celebrated on the first day of Chaitra month to mark the beginning of New Year as per a Hindu calendar.

24 steps: How to make the perfect Samosa

We don't need an excuse to grab a plate of Samosas. Afterall, it's the king of all Indian snacks. If you want to make it at home, here's a step-by-step guide to make a perfect samosa.