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Imagine: Why parents need meditation or the art of stillness, in a chaotic life

If there is a niggling voice saying to you right now, "All this is rubbish! I can barely go through the day and she is asking me to become a Buddha", listen to that voice, smile and then let it go.

International Bath Day 2019: A guide to bathing your newborn baby

International Bath Day: The skin of the newborn baby is very soft and sensitive, which is why going for a regular bath is really not required as it may extract essential nourishment. It is advised to stick to a bath on alternate days.


Tongue-tie in babies: Signs to treatment, here's all you need to know

Dr Asmita Mahajan, consultant neonatologist and pediatrician, SL Raheja Hospital, answers all your questions on tongue-tie in babies, how it can affect them, and the way to treat it.

Mindful parenting: How modern parents can connect with the concept of spirituality

It is important to realise that EQ is now more important than IQ. Conventional education is not enough to raise resilient kids and parents need to step in to improve the standards of education and life all together.

Meet the Potterhead who makes Harry Potter wands

"The line 'the wand chooses the wizard' amazes me. The Celtic calendar shows each month and the wood that goes with it. For instance, Harry, whose birthday is on the July 31, owned a wand made out of holly since July falls on the Holly cycle."

Game-based learning can be helpful in early childhood education

How games are designed plays a big role in learning. Well-designed and researched content which leverage technology to include elements of personalisation that account for different styles of learning and ages can go a long way in early development.


Is your child suffering from lazy eye syndrome? Here's some help

In case if any discrepancy is seen, an eye specialist should be consulted. For children, it is advisable to have a thorough eye check-up at least once a year.

World Doll Day: When Tanjore Golu dolls take centrestage

Not only do the women of the family add their handed-down dolls to the golu display, the children also give their toys to be kept in the Golu padi—though it turns out to be a tough test for them as they are not allowed to play with or touch them during the festival.

55% of parents are at risk of endangering kids’ safety online, says survey

A majority of the parents, 56 per cent also said that they do make it a priority to spend time with their children, though indoors. The survey reveals that most of this time together is spent over meals.

All you need to know about your newborn’s birth weight

The ideal weight of a newborn baby, who is born between 36-40 weeks, should be between 2.5 - 4.5 kg. A premature baby or any other such case will differ from baby to baby and is affected by several contributing factors.

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Meet the children who don't let visual disability get in the way of their love for photography

On World Disability Day, Express Parenting brings you the story of fashion photographer Richa Maheshwari who has taken it upon herself to teach photography to children with visual disability.