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YouTube CEO takes away her kids' phones to regulate screen time, talks about educating children

"I have times when I take away all my kids' phones, especially if we're on a family vacation. We spend as much time as other parents taking their phones away from our kids, saying, 'No phones at the dinner table'!" Susan Wojcicki said.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold review by a parent: A teenage live action to enjoy

An endearing part of the movie was how the script found a way to crack jokes about the original Dora show without parodying it — the song-for-every-situation, and Dora asking viewers to repeat new words, and then pausing.


Imagine: Speak up! We are done with the silence around mom-shaming

No matter what society tells you, it is not your fault, so look the shame in the eye and walk away. The saddest part is that it is women who end up policing each other. A mother shared with me, “My school mothers’ WhatsApp group is giving me sleepless nights."

Is it safe to kiss your baby?

Kissing a baby involves physical contact, which helps in bonding with the baby. But if it increases the risk of contracting diseases, should you at all kiss a baby?

Here are 20 quotes from Harry Potter and friends

Friendship Day Harry Potter Quotes: Share these quotes on the bond of friendship from Harry Potter, which both you and your child will be able to relate to if you are a fan of the series.

Motivate children to learn through fun, creative ways

Learning should be through exploration, investigation and discovery. Simply by providing a captivating, real-world context, one can creatively make learning infinitely more appealing to learners.


When can you resume intimacy as a couple after childbirth? A doc explains

Due to the feeding schedule and short sleeping periods of infants, many new parents only get two or three hours of sleep in a row. Fatigue for both mothers and fathers can lead to feelings of depression and relationship conflict.

Cerebral palsy: Surgery can help affected children improve

Doctors have suggested that before the surgery, a child should be screened and evaluated to check for the eligibility for surgery so that problems such as bone deformities and contractures can be alleviated.

How to choose the best preschool for your child: Here is a checklist

Check if the curriculum allows for activities that help in development of the child’s fine and gross motor skills. It is crucial to look for aspects like the importance given to freestyle play in the day.

Is your child gifted? An IQ test is not the only marker of talent

It was found that early testing of students, by the age of 13, helps to identify students with outstanding potential. Gifted students need the right support to develop the attributes of top performers – curiosity, persistence and, of course, hard work.

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Meet the children who don't let visual disability get in the way of their love for photography

On World Disability Day, Express Parenting brings you the story of fashion photographer Richa Maheshwari who has taken it upon herself to teach photography to children with visual disability.