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Fact Check: After Theresa May’s turbulent January, what now in Brexit?

The UK Parliament rejected the Brexit deal proposed by Theresa May. What are the range of possible scenarios now?

HAL’s order books are full, its trade receivables up, bank balance down

The Rs 9,845 crore of receivables is the highest amount of outstanding trade payments reported by HAL in financial disclosures made since 2012 on the company’s website.


Fact Check: Can Trump invoke emergency powers to build the wall?

Media and analysts in the US have since been debating whether the President can indeed take that step, and whether that is within norms laid down by the Constitution.

Fact Check | Dinosaurs and India: a very old story, first told in 1828

India was a hotspot for dinosaur evolution and breeding before extinction. A dinosaur named Rajasaurus had originated in India.”

What is Madhya Pradesh’s Emergency pension scheme, why the new govt has put it ‘on hold’

The Congress accuses the BJP of equating MISA and DIR detainees with freedom fighters, and that the scheme was a tool for the BJP to dole out largesse.

Fact Check: Top trends on Google search

Last year, the top “How to” phrase was “How to link aadhaar with PAN card”, followed by “How to book Jio phone”.


Fact Check: In Chhattisgarh, first win for Leader of Opposition, one more Speaker loses

The only Speaker to win an election in Chhattisgarh was the first — Rajendra Prasad Shukla (Congress), from Kota in 2003.

Fact Check | Cataract in India: A focus area, yet miles to cover

Cataract refers to a clouding of the lens of the eye causing gradual loss of vision. It is common in old age but can also be triggered by injuries to the eye.

Fact Check: Why do whales beach?

Over 140 pilot whales have died after beaching themselves on Stewart Island in New Zealand.

Express Fact Check | Visas for pilgrims: 15 shrines in Pak, 5 in India under protocol

When the Kartarpur corridor is operationalised, Indian pilgrims to the Gurudwara Kartarpur Sahib 2 km inside Pakistan can access the shrine directly, without a visa, and without having to enter Pakistan through the regular immigration points.