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Fact Check: Was the ‘loch ness monster’ a giant eel? Here's what DNA study found

In the absence of any conclusive evidence, there have been various theories about whether “Nessie” ever existed, or whether it was an identifiable creature. On Thursday, scientists announced one more theory: the Loch Ness Monster may have been a giant eel.

Images from ISRO's Chandrayaan-2: How did craters get names like ‘mitra’?

The first attempts at naming lunar craters date back to the 17th century, K B Shingareva and G A Burba write in their book The Lunar Nomenclature: The Reverse Side of the Moon, 1961-1973.


Fact Check: CCD founder left a purported suicide note. What happens now?

The body of Cafe Coffee Day owner VG Siddhartha was found in a river in Karnataka Wednesday, a day after a purported letter, written by him to the Board of Directors, surfaced. Could this be considered a suicide note?

Fact Check: Did high methane level indicate life on Mars? The science, the setback

What were scientists hoping to find, and what does methane signify?

Fact Check: 63°C claim from Kuwait — is it really a world record?

For India, the record is 51°C, witnessed in Phalodi, Rajasthan, on May 19, 2016. This is mentioned in various documents of the India Meteorological Department as well as the WMO.

Fact Check: Why lakhs are protesting on the streets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, which at roughly 1,100 sq km is smaller in size than Delhi, is home to an estimated 7.4 million people.


Fact Check: Why late monsoon is not related to total seasonal rainfall

Though an important marker for the season, the timing of the onset does not have any bearing on the quality or amount of rainfall during the season. It is just an event during the progress of the monsoon.

Fact Check: Has Salah helped make Liverpool residents more tolerant of Islam?

Can exposure to successful celebrities from an often stigmatised group reduce prejudice towards that group?

Fact Check: Can space travel cause harm to an astronaut’s joints?

The research team analysed the molecular changes in the cartilage of mice that spent 30 days in animal research enclosures aboard an unmanned Russian Bion-M1 spacecraft in 2013.

Fact Check: WhatsApp voice call vulnerability, and what you should do

WhatsApp spyware attack: WhatsApp users have been affected by spyware, which can turn on their phone's camera and microphone as well as collect location data. We explain how WhatsApp's voice call vulnerability was used to launch the attack, who was behind it, and what should you do.