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Explained: ISRO's RISAT-2B satellite works like a camera flash

ISRO said the images taken by RISAT-2B would be used for applications in agriculture, forestry and disaster management support. But services of such satellites are also in great demand from national security agencies as well.

Explained: Why toxic gas builds up

The toxic gases may range from hydrogen sulphide to methane, depending on the composition of the raw material.


Fact Check: Can space travel cause harm to an astronaut’s joints?

The research team analysed the molecular changes in the cartilage of mice that spent 30 days in animal research enclosures aboard an unmanned Russian Bion-M1 spacecraft in 2013.

Iterative evolution: How a bird that went extinct came back from the dead

The white-throated rail is a chicken-sized bird, indigenous to Madagascar. Migrating to Aldabra, the rails evolved so that they lost the ability to fly.

Making of a conflict zone: humans vs tigers in a Maharashtra forest

Among the reasons for Brahmapuri emerging a hotspot for human-wildlife conflict, the most obvious is the growth of tiger numbers, from about 15-16 in 2013 to 41 now.

Explained: Promotion of English subject in Gujarat schools and its impact on Gujarati language

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) will be introducing English subject from Class I in the academic session to start from June 2019. The move comes exactly a year from the Gujarat government's decision last year to make Gujarati compulsory Class 1 onwards.


Election Results 2019: How EVMs travel from strong room to poll booth and back

Election Results 2019: Amid controversy over the movement of EVMs, a look at the EC procedures for storing these machines, commissioning them for polls, and how they travel from the strong room to the poll booth and back.

Carbon dioxide in atmosphere hits a high: how it relates to global warming

On May 18, the daily average carbon dioxide concentration, as measured by sensors at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii, was 415.02 ppm.

Explained: Netherlands' 'Room for the River' project that Kerala CM wants to replicate

Last year, Kerala had witnessed the century's worst floods, which claimed nearly 500 lives and wiped out thousands of homes. The Netherlands has historically been prone to flooding of rivers due to its low elevation.

Killing of Arunachal MLA Tirong Aboh: What we know so far

Tirong Aboh was the outgoing NPP MLA from Khonsa West, and also his party's candidate for the same seat in this election. In the run-up to the polls, two political workers were attacked and killed in Longding and Tirap.