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Tip for Reading List: Why do Zebras Have Stripes?

The evolution of the zebra’s black & white coat has intrigued scientists for years.

Telling Numbers: 1 in 7 Indians is an alcohol user, prevalence high in Chhattisgarh

An overwhelming majority of alcohol users are males and fall in the age bracket 18-49 years (74%).


Meldonium: Drug at centre of India’s new dope scandal

Meldonium became famous after tennis superstar Maria Sharapova tested positive for it in 2016. Though not approved by the US FDA, the drug has been easily available over the counter in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Explained: Why Saudi Arabia matters to India

India has deep ties with the kingdom, which is the only country apart from China that can put pressure on Pak. But these relations are part of a complex Middle East story in which Iran, Israel and US too, are players

Provident Fund interest rate is up; is this the best instrument for small savings?

Provident Fund interest rate hike: The Central Board of Trustees' proposal will now go to the Finance Ministry for approval. The interest rate is credited into the accounts of subscribers after it receives the concurrence of the Finance Ministry.

Explained: Why Arvind Kejriwal wants an alliance with Congress in Delhi

In 2014, when the three parties contested the elections separately, the vote shares of the Congress and the AAP added up to almost 49% of the total -- more than the 45% vote that the BJP got.


Explained: Why is China shielding the Jaish-e-Mohammad?

In blocking global action against Masood Azhar, Beijing wants to protect its ‘all weather’ ally in South Asia and its business interests in CPEC. It also wants to keep India under pressure, and make a point to the US.

Explained: The challenge in moving security forces in Jammu and Kashmir

Pulwama terror attack: The Centre has said civilian traffic on the key highway would be temporarily halted during movement of security convoys. What are its implications?

Why new plan to ‘unlock’ Farakka for hilsa recalls old debate on fish passes

Like many other debates in gastronomy, the one on the hilsa, too, is about the seamlessness of legend and myth, ecology, history, and culture.

Explained: 2019 polls — in Haryana, it's BJP vs divided Congress vs new Chautala

The ruling BJP in Haryana faces rebellion and new tie-ups, Congress battles familiar infighting. Split casts question mark on INLD prospects, focus shifts to Dushyant.