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Monarchy to long-term CM to instability: how did Sikkim get here?

Political instability is new to this relatively young state, where Chamling served as Chief Minister for 25 years starting 1994.

Explained: How states are split into seats

With J&K reorganised, all eyes are on how Election Commission will proceed with delimitation of constituencies. What aspects will it look into, and how often has delimitation been done earlier?


Explained: Why is Bhupinder Hooda in a rebellion mode

A four-time MP, two-term chief minister and four-time MLA— Bhupinder Hooda is undoubtedly the tallest leader in Haryana Congress. Hooda and his aides believe that the party can perform far better if the senior leader is given its reins.

Telling Numbers: How plastic pollutes, how much waste the states generate

Worldwide, 75 per cent of all plastic produced is waste, and 87 per cent of this is leaked into the environment.

Explained: The 19th Amendment and women’s suffrage

Female activists resented these restrictions, and in 1848, the nation’s leading suffragists convened a historic women’s rights meeting at Seneca Falls in New York.

Explained: New rights for Saudi women: what they are, how they will work

Under the new rules, Saudi women would be able to travel abroad without needing to seek approval from their male guardians. They would also be able to apply for a passport by themselves upon turning 21. The reforms place Saudi women on a par with the men with regard to the freedom to travel.


Donald Trump reportedly wants Greenland. Can you really buy a foreign territory that big?

Although the fact that buying Greenland — if it came to that — would require the approval of both Denmark and the people of Greenland, which seems almost impossible at the moment, the US has, in the past cast its eyes on the icy island.

Explained: Who are BASIC, the climate change alliance whose meeting India just attended?

The BASIC countries -- a grouping of Brazil, South Africa, India and China -- wields considerable heft purely because of the size of the economies and populations of the member countries.

What happened at Batla House, the subject of a new film?

At least 21 people were killed and over 100 were injured in the blasts that rocked the national capital a few days prior to the encounter in 2008.

Explained: What are microplastics, the new pollutant you are breathing

Microplastics, which are defined as shreds of plastic less than 5 mm in length. The researchers found huge amounts of them in the Arctic snow; their study claims to be the first that contains data on contamination of snow by microplastics.