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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Express Explained


Why onion prices are still high and unlikely to cool down anytime soon

December 15, 2019 5:00 am

Despite a slew of government measures, including strict vigilance on traders to prevent hoarding at any level, the price remains high.

Explained: Who are the new Karnataka groups in list of STs?

December 14, 2019 9:46 pm

The Bill seeks to include the Taliwara, Parivara and Siddi tribal communities in the Scheduled Tribes (ST) list, which will ensure that they get reservation and other benefits provided by the government in Karnataka.

Explained: Why India needs a Project Dolphin

December 15, 2019 12:11 pm

There is an expectation that at the meeting a programme called “Project Dolphin”, along the lines of “Project Tiger” will be cleared to enhance the population of these dolphins.

Explained: What is the 'Phase One' agreement that the US and China have just signed?

December 14, 2019 4:05 pm

A statement issued by the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) said that the US will be maintaining 25 per cent tariffs on approximately $250 billion of Chinese imports, along with 7.5 per cent tariffs on approximately $120 billion of Chinese imports.

Question & Answer: Citizenship amendment law explained

December 14, 2019 1:36 pm

The newly passed amendment to the Citizenship Act redefines the way migrants from three countries can become Indian citizens, linking this to their religion. What are the concerns about it nationwide, and why has it faced such fierce resistance in Assam? How does it relate to government’s plans for an all-India NRC?

Explained: What is the anti-semitism executive order signed by Donald Trump?

December 14, 2019 9:48 am

The order is being seen as a threat to those college and university campuses that tolerate anti-Israel movements such as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Explained: What is the Nuad Thai massage?

December 14, 2019 9:50 am

The Nuad Thai massage was one among the 41 nominees that submitted their applications to be considered for inclusion in the list.

Disha Bill: What are the highlights of Andhra Pradesh's new law?

December 14, 2019 2:19 pm

The Andhra Pradesh Disha Bill, 2019 provides for awarding death sentence for offences of rape and gang rape and expediting verdict in trials of such cases within 21 days.

As 2012 Delhi gangrape case moves towards closure, some questions on death penalty answered

December 14, 2019 10:01 am

The death penalty in India is reserved for the “rarest of rare” cases. Even so, the law provides for a long process before the execution of the convicts actually takes place.

Explained: Tories get a huge majority, what next for the Brexit process?

December 14, 2019 10:05 am

Commentators in the British media were saying that with a stronger majority than the one he inherited from Theresa May earlier this year, Johnson may feel emboldened to show some of his main opponents in the Conservative Party their place.