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Friday, July 20, 2018

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Choosing your realtor

A good realtor,can be immensely helpful in getting you that dream home.

When buying a home,know what you are paying for

Don’t fall for slick sales pitches. When buying a home,examine every single cost carefully to know what you are exactly paying for.

Switching a home loan

With higher interest rates,home loan borrowers are tempted to switch to a loan with better terms.

The lock,stock and barrel listing

Want a home,but no decorating hassle? Look for listings with everything included.

Ask Us

Daily reducing balance is better since you will end up paying less.

Auctioned properties are a good bargain

If you are thinking about buying a house or possibly even a second home,you would quite naturally think about how to get a good deal.

A sane way to deal with spiralling property prices

We all have our fears with which we persist even when proved wrong. One such fear is that if we don’t buy today we will not be able to buy a home anytime in future.

Do your homework before selling property

You can avoid making mistakes while selling your property if you follow some smart tips.

High rise: Go tall,but go safe

The construction industry needs to focus on safe ‘high-rises’.


With high-rises being the logical solution to try and tackle housing shortage,there is an essential need to ensure that these structures are safe.