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The human factor

Driver-less cars have hit a speed-bump. Turns out people don’t follow the rules.

Over to the teacher

Success of Odisha’s move to double teaching time for certain subjects will depend on autonomy to the educator.


Growth pangs

Its expansion through induction of leaders from other parties could trigger important political challenges for the BJP.

In China’s court

How it addresses protesters’ escalating demands for autonomy and democracy in Hong Kong will be a critical test.

Face the deluge

Floods in different states raise questions about understanding of monsoon, preparedness to deal with rivers in spate.

One bottle vodka

A group of Ukranian and UK researchers has spun off the spirit of Chernobyl, but Russians may have mixed feelings.


The external test

Delhi needs a strategy to face the challenges of increased international attention on Kashmir.

The Rs 100 smile

Vaiko is charging an impost from followers who want to be photographed with him. Great idea, but isn’t price tag too low?

Rupee matters

There is a need to step up efforts to shift currency trading to onshore markets.

The rewind

Return of Sonia as interim president, Congress failure to look beyond its first family, signals its inadequacy in a challenging political moment.