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The withering

Congress fumbles for a new centre of gravity, unable to perform its role of main opposition. This has consequences

Two wrongs

Bihar CJM invoking sedition against public intellectuals is absurd. Silence of Nitish government is worrying


Joker, the incel

The film has been criticised for its portrayal of a violent character. Empathy can be disturbing, but is it immoral?

Good going

But with Dhaka something’s missing: Economic policy making in Delhi needs to be more sensitive to the regional dimension.

Crossing the line

For want of a multilateral regulator, the reach of European internet law now extends worldwide. It is deeply problematic.

Delaying, not asking questions, on J&K — this doesn't match SC tradition of speaking up for those who cannot

Deferring and delaying, not asking questions that need to be asked, giving the government the benefit of the doubt — serious doubt — on the drastic curbs on fundamental freedoms, doesn’t quite match the apex court’s own stellar tradition of speaking up for those who cannot.


Writing on the wall

Banksy, artist of the masses, envy of high art, foe of commercial art, has opened a shop. There’s a twist in the tale

Seize the opening

Iran’s president indicates that French plan for talks with US is acceptable. Washington mustn’t squander the opportunity

Writ in water

Late monsoon floods are a warning of changing contours of climate that town planners and civic authorities must heed

Flix and Orka

The Star Wars universe has its first openly queer couple. It’s about time.