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RBI and public debt: 15-yr search for moment of separation

The Indian economy made a decisive structural turn in 1991. A new series looks back at events in the transition and the ways in which they’re playing out now.

The Treasury Bills lesson: It helps to be non-adversarial

A return to the non-adversarial relationship that prevailed then could help script another landmark agreement this time too.


Express Economic history series- 3: How ‘draconian’ FERA clause triggered flush of retail investors

The Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, or FERA, of 1973 came in the backdrop of major inflationary pressures and an uncertain outlook on exports.

Express Economic History Series: Step by step explained, how India unshackled Petroleum in the ’80s, ’90s

The then Petroleum Secretary, G V Ramakrishna's pitch to the oil majors was: with drilling rigs idle and exploration costs low, it made sense to risk bucking the trend.

Explained: In Fact - Team Manmohan and deregulation of interest rates

The fifth part of Express Economic History Series.

Express Economic History Series: Licensing of banks; new test for an old gradualism

The RBI’s perceived lack of enthusiasm this time around may have been because of the overhang of a series of scams during the UPA regime.


Express Economic History Series: The steady progress of FIIs, and a continuing debate

FIIs can invest as much as $ 30 billion in government securities and $ 51 billion in corporate debt instruments such as commercial paper and bonds.

Express Economic History Series: Industrial policy and the importance of political context

The new policy statement allowed foreign direct investment up to 51 per cent and automatic approval for technology agreements in high-priority industries.

Our highways as our bhagyarekha: A lesson from ex-PM Vajpayee

At FICCI, Vajpayee employed his celebrated oratory to sketch his government’s vision of connecting the country through a network of world-class highways.

From early battles to position of strength: Evolution of Sebi

Well after Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi announced in the 1987-88 Budget his government’s intention to form a separate board for the regulation and orderly functioning of the stock exchange and the securities industry.