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Friday, May 07, 2021

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Explained: The possibility of a second Scottish independence referendum and its implications

May 07, 2021 7:38 am

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who leads the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP,) has described this election as the most important in her country’s history.

Explained: Lockdowns resulted in lower birth rates in US. Why it's not great news

May 07, 2021 7:41 am

Before 2008, when the global financial crisis hit, the country had an estimated fertility rate of 2.1, which is considered sufficient for replacing the existing population. That rate has now dropped to 1.6 in 2020, the lowest on record.

Explained: Why Colombia is witnessing a spate of violence

May 06, 2021 8:45 am

The protests began last Wednesday against a proposed tax reform. Although the tax plan was shelved, the protests have since morphed into a broader show of opposition against Duque's government, poverty and police violence.

Explained: The history of Cinco de Mayo

May 05, 2021 1:47 pm

Cinco de Mayo (May the fifth in Spanish) is a joyous celebration every year in Mexico and the United States.

Explained: America's long battle to increase the minimum wage for workers

May 02, 2021 7:47 am

The current federal minimum wage, which stands at $7.25/hour, has not been raised by the US Congress since 2009 despite the majority of Americans supporting higher wages.

Explained: Why the US has banned travel from India, and its implications

May 06, 2021 9:02 am

The ban on travel to the US is effective 12.01 am eastern daylight time on May 4. However, it does not apply to persons who are on board a flight scheduled to arrive in the US that departed prior to the give cut-off time.

Explained: What is the Lag B'Omer festival celebrated in Israel?

May 06, 2021 9:13 am

A stampede at the religious festival attended by tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews in northern Israel killed dozens of people and injured about 150 early Friday.

Explained: Why is the FDA planning to ban menthol cigarettes in the United States?

May 06, 2021 9:14 am

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced its plan to ban menthol cigarettes and flavour additives in cigars within the next year. Why?

Explained: Why Boris Johnson’s flat is under probe

May 01, 2021 12:23 am

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his fiance Carrier Symonds moved into this flat in July 2019 and the inquiry aims to find out who paid for the refurbishment.

Explained: Who is Michael Collins, the lesser-known participant of the Apollo 11 mission?

April 29, 2021 3:51 pm

On May 25, 1961, then US President John F Kennedy had set a goal for the Apollo 11 mission – to perform a crewed lunar landing and return to Earth