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Workplace complaints high with both SC, ST panels

SC, ST, Minority, Safai Karmchari, OBC, Women and Human Rights Commissions’ data tell the story of discrimination.

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Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, why it’s being discussed

The fourth industrial revolution is conceptualised as an upgrade on the third revolution — and is marked by a fusion of technologies straddling the physical, digital and biological worlds.

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Skyrocketing price: Is dal the new pyaaz?

The price of dal is the big talking point in the Bihar elections. But the govt must think farther than immediate electoral considerations — and focus on incentivising production in the long run.

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Duty drawback and trade-based money laundering

ED claims officials of BoB indulged in money laundering, claiming duty drawback by over-invoicing, inflating export bills, showing non-existent imports. What are these alleged ways of financial manipulation?

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Here’s how the southern Pandavas won Chennai’s filmi Mahabharata

The story and background of the dramatic Nadigar Sangam elections, in which a group of young, progressive actors overthrew a largely discredited old guard on Sunday.

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Links between RSS, journals Organiser and Panchjanya

RSS has said Panchjanya is not its ‘mouthpiece’. ASHUTOSH BHARDWAJ examines the claim.

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Cheating website Ashley Madison hacked: Everything you need to know

An explanation of why the anonymous hacking of a cheating web site is worrying men and women with secrets around the world.

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Recalling the Emergency years

In 1975, the government of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi imposed the Emergency, widely seen as the darkest hour of India’s democracy.

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In fact: The case for liberalising urea imports

The official reason for not liberalising imports is the possibility of their leading to the closure of many (read, inefficient) domestic plants.

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Neurons: How Flies Fly

Explained how researchers determine the motion of fruit flies.

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Explained: The Ranjit Sinha logbooks

What were the meetings that the former CBI Director had that the Supreme Court has deemed inappropriate and fit for investigation? APPU ESTHOSE SURESH recalls the case of the visitors’ books.

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Explained: Targeting illegal wealth through new Benami law

A Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act was passed in 1988 to put an end to such transactions, and to empower the government to recover such property.

OTT: Calls for (almost) nothing, messages for ‘free’ on smartphones

OTT messaging apps have grown in popularity over the years, often at the cost of traditional SMS.

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Paper Clip: Disease Data from Wikipedia

The Internet has trumped the act of collating reports from clinics and hospitals and established itself as the faster tool for tracking disease.

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The law to prevent graft: the problem is implementation

Prevention of Corruption Act examined in light of statements by PM Modi and Finance Minister Jaitley.