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From chair dips to foot drill: Smart ways to exercise at your work desk

If you are chained to your desk and want to improve your fitness level, we have you covered. Here is a list of exercises you can try out to keep yourself strong and flexible. 

Drinking carbonated beverages during and after exercise can cause kidney injury

According to a study, published in the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, it has been found that drinking soda after exercise is a big No-No.


5 exercises to burn thigh fat just before the party season

When it comes to reducing thigh fat, you must choose exercises that can help in toning leg muscles while increasing muscle strength. Here are five ways to get it right.

Aerobic exercises may help reduce depression

The study published in the journal 'Depression and Anxiety' has found that supervised aerobic exercise can significantly support major depression treatment in mental health services.

Post workout muscle soreness: How to deal with it in 5 easy and simple steps

Many feel muscle soreness is a sign of a great workout, but it canlead to a burning sensation in the body and make you feel exhausted for the rest of the day. Here are five tips to eliminate the pain.

WATCH: This Japanese long-breathing exercise is actually an easy weight loss technique

Thinking how to lose weight faster? This two-minute Japanese long-breath diet helps you lose 13 kgs within a few weeks. Popularised by Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke, this method helps inhale more oxygen, thus burning more fat.


Trying Pilates at home? Follow basics first

When it comes to Pilates, always listen to your body, if something hurts then you're definitely doing something wrong. You should never feel pain while doing Pilates. Read on to know more.

Strength-based exercises may help you live longer

Daily push-ups, sit-ups and other strength-based exercises help in reducing the risk of cancer-related deaths. Anyone can do this classic exercises in their own home or local park.

Expert tips: Here's how to stay fit and healthy

Don't underestimate the power of exercise. You need it to keep your body humming like a well oiled machine.

Five workouts for killer abs, a slimmer you

While some of us want those killer abs, others would be just happy shedding a few kilos. Here're some basic exercises you can do at home.