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Exercise can help you think better: Study

Apparently, those who were into aerobic exercise gained much on executive functioning tests, than those who were 10 to 20 years younger than their own physical age.

Exercise tips to burn off calories after consuming your favourite junk food

These infographics of your favourite junk food - from burgers to fries and pizzas - will tell you the calorie content of each food item and how much you need to work out to burn off its ill effect.


Lose face fat and get a chiseled jawline with these facial exercises

Facial yoga, or Foga - something Meghan Markle swears by- is hailed as a non-invasive alternative to Botox surgery. It just needs a little bit of clowning and frowning, and can be performed just about anywhere.

Exercising daily can keep your muscles young

The study, as reported in The New York Times, has stated that old people, who have been involved in physical activities, enjoy better aerobic capacities than their counterparts. 

Lose fat and improve strength: 5 core exercises you can easily do anywhere

We have compiled a list of core exercises that can improve your fitness level considerably and also help you shed a few pounds.

For a good heart health, strength training is better than aerobics: Study

According to the study featured in the 2018 American College of Cardiology Latin America Conference, exercises that build strength can benefit the heart more than aerobic activities, such as walking and cycling. 


Are We Wired to Sit?

Exercise physiologists, psychologists, and practitioners have long been flummoxed by the difference between people’s plans and desires to be physically active and their actual behavior, which usually involves doing the opposite.

Get younger, smoother skin with these anti-ageing facial exercises

Hailed as a non-invasive alternative to Botox surgery, a little bit of clowning and frowning can keep both the wrinkles and needles away from your face.

Strenuous exercise in teenage may prevent height loss post menopause

The average height loss among the more than 1,000 women studied was fourth-tenths of an inch during an average five-year follow-up. The 70 women who experienced height loss of more than an inch were older in age, weighed more at baseline and had a higher intake of corticosteroids.

Exercise 4-5 times daily to delay ageing

While exercising for about two to three days a week for about 30 minutes may be sufficient to minimise stiffening of middle-sized arteries, exercising for about four to five days a week is required to keep the larger central arteries youthful.

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This is how the Bosu ball can help you work out effectively

Want to make the easy exercises more challenging? A Bosu ball trainer is just what you need for a full-body workout. See how.

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Odd-Even formula will be implemented again after feedback: Kejriwal

New Delhi, Jan 25 (ANI): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will soon start an exercise to get feedbacks from people regarding the Odd-Even formula. He added that they will start the Odd-Even formula once again as soon as people will recommend. He further added that he was very happy to see the response he got after the scheme was implemented.