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Their euthanasia plea turned down, couple prepares for a changing Mumbai this year

Through the decades that Narayan spent working with the state transport department and Iravati as a teacher at the Aryan Education Society High School, they have seen Mumbai’s transition.

Willing death

The right to die with dignity is essential. The challenge is to tailor the law to an imperfect society


Goodbye, Goodall

An Australian scientist opts for assisted euthanasia, starts a conversation on the right to chose one’s own death.

Mercy killing or murder? The death of a scientist starts a debate on euthanasia in Australia

The incident has tapped into the broader debate in Australia over euthanasia and assisted dying, which has been renewed in recent weeks as Parliament considered a proposal to overturn a two-decade-old ban on the practice in the nation’s territories.

Gujarat: 10 members of a family seek nod for euthanasia

Ten members of a family in Kalol on Thursday submitted a memorandum to the Panchmahal district collector seeking euthanasia alleging harassment by money lenders as the reason.

Dignity, but for whom?

Verdict on living wills does not take into account socioeconomic realities.


A Law Without Parliament

Euthanasia verdict was not within the Supreme Court’s ambit to deliver

For whom, the right to die?

Challenge after euthanasia verdict is to ensure dignity to the poor.

Kanpur woman, daughter write to President Kovind for passive euthanasia

Since 2014, Anamika has been writing to the President, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Justice of India, stating that if arrangements could not be made for their treatment, they should be told how to end their lives.

A Right For The Rich

Euthanasia verdict could lead to neglect of terminally ill poor patients.