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Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning freed from jail on contempt charge – for now

Former US military intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning has been released from a Virginia jail where she was being held for refusing to testify before a grand jury. However, her freedom looks likely to be short-lived.

Spy or not? American who loves Russia ensnared in new Cold War

Whelan, 48, has become the latest pawn between Russia and the United States as rising tensions take on the cast of the Cold War years, when espionage charges and spy swaps were common.


Fearing espionage, US weighs tighter rules on Chinese students

The ideas under consideration, previously unreported, include checks of student phone records and scouring of personal accounts on Chinese and US social media platforms for anything that might raise concerns about students' intentions in the United States.

Indian Air Force officer taken into custody on charges of espionage

The investigators are probing whether the officer was a victim of honey trap as it is suspected he was sending pictures of classified documents to a woman through WhatsApp.

Australia campuses warned of "clandestine" influence in apparent poke at China

Relations between Australia and China have been tested in recent months after the United States, Japan and Australia voiced concerns over Beijing's unilateral actions in the disputed South China Sea, including continued artificial land building.

Virginia man charged with giving secret documents to China

Kevin Mallory, 60, of Leesburg was arrested Thursday and made an initial appearance in US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia. The self-employed consultant who speaks Chinese is charged under the federal Espionage Act and could face life in prison


Espionage case: Delhi Police arrests Armyman in alleged ISI-linked racket

This is the fifth arrest in connection with the espionage racket allegedly headed by suspected ISI operative Kafaitullah Khan.

Espionage racket: Police nab school teacher from residence in Rajouri

He was arrested from his rented accommodation at Atti on the outskirts of Rajouri town around 6.30 am.

‘Spy’ pigeon gets an Indian companion in Pathankot

The Pakistani pigeon is a high flier bird bred for sport.

Egypt court adjourns Morsi espionage trial amid a stormy start

The Egyptian court adjourned the trial of Mohamed Morsi to February 23 to allow the lawyers' syndicate to appoint new lawyers.