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Saturday, May 21, 2022



Hubble captures stunning image of three galaxies merging 681 million light years away

February 24, 2022 12:12 pm

When galaxies merge, the clouds of gas and dust that are part of galaxies collide with each other, sometimes resulting in the formation of new stars.

Not liquid water, there's volcanic rock under Mars’ south pole: Study

January 26, 2022 2:42 pm

The team used the data from Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS), a multi-frequency radar sounder on board the Mars Express spacecraft.

Hidden water discovered in Mars' Valles Marineris canyon

December 16, 2021 3:10 pm

The water-rich area is about the size of the Netherlands.

Comet Leonard to make its closest approach to Earth tonight

December 12, 2021 11:57 am

Leonard is a typical comet going around the Sun at a speed of about 47 kilometres per second.

Hot dates: Two spacecrafts to make Venus flyby

August 09, 2021 3:14 pm

NASA and the European Space Agency are planning to send three more missions to Venus toward the end of the decade.

Light echoes from behind a black hole detected for the first time

July 30, 2021 2:25 pm

The new observations confirm a key prediction of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Hubble finds evidence of water vapour on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede

July 27, 2021 4:45 pm

At noon, Ganymede's surface may become warm near the equator and the icy surface may release water molecules.

NASA gets green light to bring Mars rock samples back to Earth

November 12, 2020 12:30 pm

If all goes according to the plan, the process of picking up the rocks will be initiated soon and the samples will reach the earth in 2030s

Human urine could make lunar concrete for building Moon base: ESA

May 10, 2020 7:15 pm

Earlier, NASA said that astronauts could grow their homes on the Moon and Mars out of fungi instead of building them.

Scientists spot unusual ozone hole over Arctic: What caused it?

April 08, 2020 5:02 pm

This ‘mini hole’ in the ozone layer is believed to have been caused by unusual atmospheric conditions, including freezing temperatures in the stratosphere.