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Business as Usual: EP Unny selects his best cartoons of the year, explains why

From the BJP’s win in Tripura to the demise of top veteran leaders like M Karunanidhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, here are some of the best cartoons from 2018.

When things go terribly wrong, Gandhi makes an appearance: EP Unny on the power of political cartoons

Delivering a lecture on ‘The Comic as Continuity’, political cartoonist EP Unny (pictured) took the audience through this and more slides to sketch a history of cartooning across the world and in India.


Book review: The making of fort Kochi

The Portuguese superstars who spiced up life on the Malabar Coast.

EP Unny's The Making of Fort Kochi is an easy to read history book

An ancient Greek text writes about a flourishing trade between Malabar and Europe in the time of Christ.

The Homecoming Cartoonist

The contribution of Palakkad to the fine art of satire.

Against vanity

National symbols are meant to be revered. The cartoon is nothing if not irreverent


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E.P. Unny: Sketch Of A Cartoonist

E.P. Unny or Ekanath Padmanabhan Unny, is a political cartoonist in India. He is a science graduate, has studied physics at the University in the Indian state of Kerala. He hails from the Ekanath Family of Elapully, Palakkad. His first cartoon was published in Shankar’s Weekly in 1973. He became a professional cartoonist in 1977. […]