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Thursday, September 23, 2021

endangered species


Rising global temperatures likely to impact Komodo dragon populations: Ecologist Tim Jessop

September 08, 2021 5:28 pm

The rise in sea level is expected to reduce the habitat of Komodo dragons, which have been moved from vulnerable to endangered on the IUCN Red List, by at least 30 per cent in the next 45 years.

Comic book for kids to spread awareness on the endangered Nilgiri Tahr

August 24, 2021 6:35 pm

The Nilgiri Tahr is said to be the only mountain ungulate in southern India, among the 12 species present in the country.

Can we save the Owens pupfish?

August 18, 2021 6:30 pm

Seven of the California’s native freshwater species are now extinct, and 82% of native species are highly vulnerable to climate change, according to a 2013 assessment.

Warming rivers in US West killing fish, imperiling industry

July 28, 2021 6:56 pm

Federal fisheries officials predicted in May that more than 80% of baby salmon could die because of warmer water in the Sacramento River.

In a first, small drones help study India's threatened marine species

July 27, 2021 12:11 pm

During the survey, the team recorded mother and calf pairs of dugongs, sea turtles, spotted eagle ray, zebra shark, stingrays, needlefish, squids, and several fish shoals.

A famous blue butterfly: Still extinct but more distinct

July 22, 2021 11:04 am

Two other butterflies traditionally believed to be subspecies of the silvery blue butterfly may also be distinct species, and the closest living relatives of the Xerces blue, notes the study.

Meet the caterpillar slug, a potential future invader to India

July 16, 2021 9:54 pm

Invasive species have cost nearly $1.3 trillion dollars to the global economy since 1970.

Mexico's new fishing rule a 'setback' for near-extinct porpoise, say conservationists

July 16, 2021 1:14 pm

There are thought to be only between six and 20 vaquita porpoises left and the species is on the brink of extinction as more die each year in fishing nets than are being born.

A new pop-up book by Chennai-based paper artist is dedicated to 30 endangered species

July 13, 2021 7:31 pm

Saving her friends from extinction: The list of species doesn’t have any native to India but draws attention to a global call to protect endangered flora and fauna, many of which are facing habitat loss due to the climate emergency

Coelacanth fish, once believed to be extinct, found alive in Indian Ocean

May 18, 2021 9:31 pm

The first living coelacanth was caught in 1938, when a group of fishers set gill-nets off the southwest coast of Madagascar.